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Dome cinema wedding

Dome cinema wedding photography

So, the last wedding of 2012 and it was always going to be a special one! A cinema wedding and special because that was how Stacey and Jono had planned it. On New Year's Eve, with a raging winter gale outside, rain lashing down and the waves pounding the beach opposite, the wedding took place 'watched' by Bruce Willis, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and some Hobbits! took place at the Dome Cinema in Worthing, West Sussex. (and there were some posters!)

With the legal bit having taken place a couple of weeks ago, on a sun-kissed beach near their current home in New Zealand, for Stacey & Jono this was the true wedding, with family and friends. ( With a nephew being born with days to spare, so as to join in with the celebrations! )  To quote, " To them, marriage is not about a piece of paper or a legal process but the opportunity to share with friends and family in their love for one another. Living on the other side of the world, they feel this is more important now than ever. "

Dome cinema in Worthing

A Grade II listed Edwardian cinema, right on the seafront in Worthing, it was a location that allowed them to design their own wedding. With a ceremony conducted by Stacey's sister, Lyssa, in front of the big screen and under a chuppah to reflect Stacey's Jewish heritage.  There was the added and unexpected bonus of breaking wine glasses at the start of the ceremony and not just at the end under Jono's foot! 🙂  With a reading by Jono's sister, Anna and Jake singing "Always on my mind ", it was then the big screen's turn.

In the middle of the ceremony, the curtains parted and the projector came to life to show a film celebrating Stacey & Jono's lives, adventures and their friends and family. They are on a global trek that got diverted by the temptations of New Zealand.

After the ceremony and drinks reception in the cinema foyer, with pictures of the bride and groom having to take place up in the dome above as it was still howling outside, and the wedding meal, it was time to get ready for the party. To get into fancy dress, as this was how Stacey and Jono first met - on New Year's Eve, at a fancy dress party, five years ago...

Here are a few images from this end of the year Dome cinema wedding...

Dome cinema Worthing
Cinema posters
Dome cinema sign
Queen poster
Cinema poster for the hobbit
Guests meeting up in the Dome cinema foyer
Bride arrives in the rain
Arriving for the Dome cinema wedding in the rain
Start of the wedding ceremony in the Dome cinema
Wedding ceremony in the Dome cinema in Worthing
Dome cinema wedding
Watching a film during the wedding ceremony
wedding in a cinema
jewish wedding ceremony in a cinema
jewish wedding ceremony on a cinema stage
wedding ring
jewish wedding ceremony in a cinema in Sussex
breaking the glass
Jewish wedding kiss
Group shot in the Dome cinema Worthing
Dome cinema wedding reception
Dome cinema wedding reception in Worthing
hug for the bride
Dome cinema wedding reception
Dome cinema wedding
couple portrait at Dome cinema wedding
Dome cinema wedding reception in the cinema foyer
Dome cinema wedding reception
Father of the bride speech
wedding speeches
Dome cinema wedding
fancy dress wedding
Wedding guests changing into fancy dress
wedding bunting
wedding fancy dress
New Years Eve wedding first dance

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  1. We were lucky enough to be the couple in question. We were blown away with Martin’s professionalism, attention to detail and truly beautiful photography of our special day. Well worth every penny.


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