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How I capture a wedding day

Reportage wedding photographer My reportage wedding photography style evolved from my background training in photojournalism and working as a photographer at The Times newspaper. It is about approaching the wedding day like a photojournalist. Working as if creating a classic magazine picture essay. A visual storyboard of the day. Recording it naturally rather than imposing a long list of traditional setup pictures. No gimmicks, no over-the-top Photoshop, but photographing the day as it happens. Observing not directing.

This is wedding photography for couples who don’t want to turn the day into some elaborate fashion shoot or stand in endless lineups. They just want to be able to enjoy their wedding to the full, letting the camera capture this, without interference.

Natural, honest, reportage storytelling.

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My Work

Reportage wedding photographER

When capturing a wedding day, my one aim is to create a faithful visual storyboard of what happens. One that explains all the facets of the day: the moments, the emotions, and the unique atmosphere of each wedding.

The reportage approach is all about allowing a wedding day to evolve naturally. To observe and capture this, but not to direct it. To let the wedding flow.

Here are some of my images that show how natural images can tell the story of a wedding so effectively.


Sussex wedding photography

A selection of wedding venues in Sussex. From old barns to grand hotels, Norman castles to Regency landmarks, luxury country house hotels to simple party fields, ancient churches to intimate pubs …


Wedding venues in London. From town halls to the top of skyscrapers, cathedrals to townhouses, private members’ clubs to bombed-out chapels, plus one particular cricket ground …

London wedding venues
Reportage wedding photographer in Surrey

Wedding venues in Surrey. From country mansions to ‘French chateaux’, old barns to castles, country hotels to grand university buildings …

reportage wedding photographer

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