This is just a small selection of some of my wedding photography images. Hopefully, they convey how I shoot, how I see, how I capture a wedding day? These are the sort of images that I am looking to capture from a wedding day. As reportage wedding photography is not about single, standalone,' hero' shots, which portfolios often just are. They are about storytelling.  To see this, to see more of the narrative from individual weddings, head over to my blog page. The blog posts should give you a good feel for my style of reportage wedding photography. You can also read what couples have said about my work here. Couples who wanted their wedding photographs to naturally tell the story of their day rather than become a necessary chore of posing for the camera throughout the day. Photography is important to them but standing around posing is not.

Wedding photojournalism

It's rather a grandiose term really but it does reflect both my own background in photography. A background that began taking pictures for my University student newspaper and led me to The Times newspaper in London. A photojournalistic style is the most effective approach to communicate how the day happened in images. I prefer the term reportage wedding photography.

Natural wedding photography

truthful and impactful narrative of the day. Do these images look like the sort of images you would want to be captured on your wedding day? Do they fit your character and those of your friends? Images captured candidly as you got enjoying the day with family and friends? Can you picture these sort of images, reportage wedding photography from your wedding day, framed and put up on a wall in your home?

Please do contact me if you feel that this natural wedding photography approach is the one for you?