Hackney Town Hall wedding – Sarah & Owen


Yesterday was wet. As much of the west of England sank under the floods, some rain fell in London too. So a Hackney Town Hall wedding for Sarah & Owen didn’t escape the weather. It wasn’t the heaviest rain but it didn’t let up all day, as it fell from a dark sky. Of course the days either side proved to include blue skies and sunshine, but no, Saturday was a day for umbrellas. A day to test the cameras too.

A last minute booking – only got the call from Sarah’s mum a fortnight ago, it was an intimate winter wedding. Just family. A registry office ceremony at Hackney town hall ( in a room surrounded by “sham marriage” warning stickers but friendly, professional registrars ) followed by a dash to a taxi and up to Islington, to The Duke of Cambridge gastropub.

But before the drinking and food – some portraits of the Bride and Groom – in the rapidly diminishing light. Shot by the canal, hopefully it is hard to see how dark it really was from these shots? But the lights in the background and the glowing street lights as they walk back to the pub may give a clue. ( For anyone interested. ISO 2000 1/50th at F2.0 ) It was dark in and out of the pub.

But although dark, there was a ‘cosy’ feel for the party in the pub. Weddings don’t have to be big – you just need the right people and for everyone to relax. In a few weeks Sarah & Owen start their next adventure – now as a married couple – when they go off to live and work in New York!

I usually begin these posts with a detail – something that links into the day. This time it is the raindrops hitting a puddle on the town hall steps that set the backdrop to the story. Here are a few images from the day…


Duke of Cambridge pub Islington wedding reception

Couple cut the cake at Duke of Cambridge pub Islington wedding reception

Duke of Cambridge pub Islington wedding reception


Hi Martin,
Thanks for the photos. They look really lovely and portrayed the day very well. I think you have captured Sarah very well, and got her smile along with dimple beautifully. Owen too looks really good. It was a shame about the rain however you have worked your magic and minimised it very well. I particularly liked the canal shots and probably will use one of those as a main photo. Thanks again Sue

These are absolutely great, Martin. They have really managed to capture the fun and intimacy of our wedding. You would never have guessed it chucked it down all day!

Lovely set Martin, grey, drizzly winter wedding dealt with superbly.

My congratulations to Sarah and Owen. The loving looks during the ceremony are wonderful.
Martin, beautiful images as always and I leave your blog this morning smiling and with a warmth in my heart. You always capture romance and love in your wedding photography.
A perfect day.

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