Marrying a Time Lord | Jenni & Phil

Doctor Who wedding

Doctor Who wedding

Okay, Jenni wasn’t really marrying a Time Lord, she was marrying Phil. But then how can you be sure?

A Doctor Who wedding. He dressed like a Time Lord. He had left subtle clues around this Doctor Who wedding – the scarf, jelly babies, pictures of previous reincarnations on the tables, (including Malcolm Tucker!). There was also the Tardis ring holder that rematerialised on top of the wedding cake – I didn’t see anyone actually put it there!  Then there was “Bessie” – Doctor Who’s diminutive yellow car from when the Doctor was exiled on Earth during the Jon Pertwee era. (The only Doctor I’ve actually met, I have his autograph somewhere. My daughters REALLY want to meet David Tennant though! 😉 ) But time was a good theme, as Jenni was 30 minutes late to arrive in Bessie at the church, St Peter and Paul in Chingford Green, London.

No full-size Tardis for everyone to hop into and go back to 2 pm, but the vicar ( one of those few actually human vicars, or maybe he was a Time Lord too – certainly as you can see below, his badge said ‘Saint’ ) sacrificed his sermon to gain some time. Time is critical once the clocks change and the amount of light available for winter wedding photography decreases – it was never a bright day weather-wise, at any point. The reception venue was to be one of the darkest I’ve dealt with. But the ceremony went well, topped off with some lovely singing from one of their friends, as they signed the register. Amazing singing and music playing would come later – this was a talented crowd!

The reception was a short distance away, across the border into Essex, at the King’s Oak hotel in Epping Forest. In the speeches, it was revealed that at one stage of the wedding planning, the 23rd November had been proposed as the date. It would have tied in with the 50th-anniversary special episode, The Day of the Doctor, being broadcast on BBC One – maybe with a big screen and some jelly babies? The jelly babies remained. After the speeches though, the showbiz element of this wedding of thespians shone through. In turn, guests sang with the band. This was not karaoke, these guys could really belt out a tune! The music and singing was better than most bands I hear at weddings – impressive stuff. Foremost amongst them was the bride Jenni, singing with two of her bands from University days. Phil joined her for a duet, as did her sister on the flute.

However, it seemed a fitting end to my coverage, to have Jenni singing directly to Phil. She was singing Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does it Better” from the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me. A Doctor Who wedding with a dash of James Bond, all wrapped up in a cracking winter wedding!!

Here are a few images from this Doctor Who wedding day…

Jolly vicar
Bride arrives in Doctor Who wedding car
Doctor Who wedding ceremony
Doctor Who wedding
Doctor Who wedding ceremony
Friend sings at their wedding
Doctor Who wedding marriage
Dr Who wedding car
Dr Who
Doctor Who wedding jelly babies
A kiss on the Doctor Who wedding car
Doctor Who wedding entrance
Doctor Who wedding
Posing outside for the videographer
wedding speech
Doctor Who wedding speeches
Pub wedding reception
Doctor Who wedding first dance
Bride singing
wedding band
Doctor Who wedding bride singing Carly Simon song

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  1. Hi Martin,

    I know it’s been absolutely ages, but it does seem as though only yesterday you photographed our wedding. The stunning photos have been complimented by everyone who has seen them… and we couldn’t be happier!

    Everyone has told us how brilliant your photos are and how skilfully you captured the spirit of the day.

    Your photos are true quality and we are so happy that you were available to be there with us. We truly appreciate that you were there to document the day and we had such fun!

    We really hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.
    We will recommend you to everyone for everything!

    Wishing you many more accolades and have a happy 2014!

    Love and best wishes,

    Jenni & Phil xxx

  2. Brilliant! Love that everyone involved in this wedding seemed happy to be part of the fun. Some interesting compositions throughout, with lovely rich black & whites.

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