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Brompton Oratory wedding photography

London winter wedding

Brompton Oratory and The In and Out Club for a London winter wedding

December and a winter wedding in London for Anna & Philip. The Brompton Oratory in Knightsbridge and the In & Out club in St James’s. It’s at this military private members club, that the coverage begins – as Anna got ready. As I arrived, the hairdresser was leaving – Anna was doing her own make up (“so it looks like me!”). Dress on, it was time to go across to the church. Anna’s detailed schedule had allowed for her to be early…but one of the Range Rovers was late. Weddings aren’t weddings without something to add a frisson of stress…

Anna’s car set off, we followed. I’ve never, in over 600 weddings, seen a wedding car run a red light before. Not just catch the red, but swerve around a taxi in front and ‘plough’ through the traffic. That white tape on the bonnet, acting like a flashing blue light. Anna got to the church with time to spare.

Brompton Oratory

Or by it’s full name…The Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, home to the Congregation of the Oratory of St Philip Neri in London. One of London’s most impressive architectural landmarks – actually it’s the interior that’s the most impressive, if not the brightest. I always seem to take pictures at Brompton Oratory on gloomy light days. Even the first time I went there, when photographing a mass for The Times, many years ago. So the lighting is…let’s say, interesting.

Ceremony done, bubbles on the steps – hang back for a few pics, beat the two Routemasters heading back to the club. Drinks at The In and Out – surrounded by portraits of generals and royals. An ex-copper with a whistle as the MC – dinner called upstairs. Speeches followed the food. Then downstairs for the cheese tower cut – time for the ceilidh.

Finally, during the band’s break (and before I headed off into the night to find that all the trains to my local station in Sussex, had been cancelled...) – the bouquet throw on the stairs. One very determined wedding guest!

Here are few images from the day…

Bride and bridesmaid get readyeye makeuplips next wedding dress bride gets into her wedding dress bride's veil fixed in place bridal veil greeting family Bride leaves the In and Out Club in London chaos at the church Bride leaves the wedding car at Brompton Oratory heading into the church groom waits in Brompton Oratory Bride walks down the aisle at Brompton Oratory Brompton Oratory wedding Brompton Oratory wedding reading bride and groom kiss young wedding guest groom hugs his mother bride and her mother adjusting the long veil bride and groom leave Brompton Oratory bubbles on the steps of Brompton Oratory Bride and groom kiss at Brompton Oratory Brompton Oratory couple portrait heading to the wedding car spotting the wedding buses Arriving at the In and Out Club wedding guests arrive wedding reception at the In and Out Club wedding reception at the In and Out Club wedding reception at the In and Out Club wedding reception at the In and Out Club  In and Out Club wedding reception with Nelson weddding at the In and Out Club in London Winter wedding at the In and Out club  In and Out Club paintings  In and Out Club wedding reception walking into the meal wedding speeches wedding speeches groom's speech cutting the wedding cake wedding ceilidh wedding ceilidh



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