Rowhill Grange | Annie & Mark

Witchey and Batman cake at Rowhill Grange

Small wedding at Rowhill Grange

This was a small wedding for Annie and Mark, after 23 years together. Just family and close friends. Batman and Witchy. Just 20 people and a few more in the evening.

Annie had got in touch after seeing my coverage of another November wedding, a few years ago. A wedding on Worthing Pier – the weather was a lot more November-like then. It was surprisingly mild for Annie and Mark. But no Pier. They chose Rowhill Grange hotel in Kent (near Swanley, which is near the M25 interchange you hear about on the radio) But also not far from their Kent home.

Coverage began in the room above the ceremony room – makeup and dresses. Downstairs Mark arrived. For Mark the day also meant a battle with a bad back. I can really sympathise, I had to get through a wedding in the summer, after ‘throwing’ my back. It’s when you realise how key your back is for just doing the normal day to day things. It didn’t stop him smiling though.

A ceremony that saw a mammoth ‘putting-on -the-wedding-ring’ by Annie – a bit of spit and job done. Outside for confetti, a few quick pics, as the sun dipped behind the trees. (This was a late ceremony time for November, 3pm) Then back in for the drinks and the magician, Andrew Kelly, bewildering everyone. Magicians at weddings are great for photographers, they give us reactions from the guests. Better images than just people chatting. Music came from The Greenwich String Quartet. 

Then time for the meal – one big table for everyone. Speeches were led by Annie. Then, as the evening guests arrived, more entertainment, in the form of a talented caricaturist, Ric Machin.

Mark managed to get through the first dance. The others took over with the bigger moves…

Here are a few images from a warm, intimate wedding at Rowhill Grange…

Preperations for a Rowhill Grange wedding




wedding dress on



doing up the wedding dress


groom and his daughter

getting that wedding ring on


Magician at work



Andrew Kelly magician

wedding speeches

first dance

wedding caricaturist


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