A look back at 2015

Wedding Photography in 2015

So wedding photography in 2015...not a bad year!

Weddings in 2015 ended for me with a day of the year to spare and with a great wedding too! The 2016 weddings start in just over a week. So a chance to reflect upon a busy and productive year. It's an interesting process, looking back at the weddings and putting together some images to both sum up the year and the way I shoot. A year with as many weddings as 2014 and a year with some seriously great clients. (Okay there was one where I came home to look again at those first emails they sent me, that talked about wanting a 'relaxed, documentary style' But then on the day....?) But again I found plenty of clients who get what I do and let me get on with shooting as I shoot. If Carlsberg did wedding clients...(I'll write a post about this soon).

Weddings that took place just a few miles down the road for me here in Sussex and as far away as North Cyprus. The first and last weddings in 2015 were in London. (The first in 2016 will be too). But honours were even between London and Sussex, where I live, over the year. 2016 is shaping to be very similar. In 2015, I had only been to six of the venues before (for all those enquiries that obsess about whether you shoot at a particular venue every week!). But I'm back at several this year. Similarly, I only met two of last year's couples before they booked me. Most booked upon seeing the style of work I do, watched me work at a wedding or after a quick chat on the phone. Weddings with just over a dozen people to weddings with 200+. Thank you to all these couples, for having faith in my work.

The actual wedding season didn't kick off until April for me. Before that, I went to the Fearless conference in Bucharest, Romania. In many ways, it confirmed for me the direction I want my work to go. Not contrived, or formulaic, but looking for real moments that combine to tell a real story. It's the hardest part to capture frankly. It means quiet, understated images count too. No long, elaborate portrait sessions - the photography is meant to reflect not impose upon the wedding day. But I still like shooting some portraits. Just quickly. And the trend has been towards less and fewer groups (phew!!) with more emphasis upon the reportage. It's been my focus this past year and is definitely my focus, going forward - to get better!

Pushing my work, looking to improve. To anticipate better, catch moments, angles, emotions. To see better. To get away from the a-b-c of standard wedding photography and create honest storytelling. Bit by bit I hope to get there. Again, I'll write about this soon but this also needs the right clients, who want and understand this approach. Who gives me the freedom to record the day, how I see it. I definitely had them in 2015.

How we succeed in our work, as wedding photographers, can only really be measured, in particular, by the reaction of our clients. They see a photographic style, they decide they want that style for their wedding - did we deliver it for them? Well, as part of that, in November, I won The Wedding Photographer of the Year - London & the South-East 2016, in The Wedding Industry Awards, for the second year running. It's an award based not just on my wedding photography as a whole, but also on the voting scores and reviews from my 2015 wedding couples. I get to see these after the National Finals next week.

So, what did 2015 look like? Some of my wedding Photography in 2015...

Wedding Photography in 2015
Wedding Photography in 2015
Wedding Photography in 2015
Wedding Photography in 2015 selfie
Wedding Photography in 2015 reportage
Wedding Photography in 2015
Reportage wedding Photography in 2015
Luton Hoo couple portrait
Wedding Photography in 2015 at Caswell House
Wedding Photography in 2015
On the wedding bus
Bride and her father
Flower girl getting ready
Wedding Photography in 2015
Wedding Photography in 2015 reportage style
Pool wedding at Maison Talbooth
Confetti in the face
Wedding in North Cyprus
Bull and Last wedding
Wedding Photography in 2015
Brighton wedding photography
Southend Barns wedding
London wedding kiss
Surrey wedding
Wiltshire wedding
On the dance floor Wedding Photography in 2015
Windswept veil at Sussex wedding
Wedding Photography in 2015
Dancing at Gravetye wedding
Wedding singer
Military wedding in London
Lansdowne Club wedding
Wedding Photography in 2015
Wedding Photography in 2015
Sussex reportage wedding photography
Sunlight in the church
Kiss before dinner
Cowdray Ruins wedding
Wedding Photography in 2015
Wedding speech in North Cyprus
Wedding Photography in 2015
Emotional bride listening to the groom
Wedding Photography in 2015
Late confetti
Confetti at wedding in Yorkshire
Camber Sands wedding
Dance floor hug for the bride

So, moving forward. 2016 looks good. I already have the same number of weddings, that I shot in total in 2015, booked in for 2016. London, Sussex, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxford, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and South-West France! But there are still plenty of dates available!!

Please do get in touch if this style of wedding photography appeals to you?

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  1. Stunning collection of very strong documentary work. Particularly love the 4 bridesmaids checking their heels, and the two leaping bridesmaids framed in the window pane. Lots of beautiful, well observed moments.

  2. One of the best 2015 round-ups I’ve seen, Martin! Every picture’s absolutely brilliant. The timing, the moments captured, the humour, everything’s there. Inspiring stuff for sure!

  3. Wow Martin. What a superb set of pictures. It’s obvious why you’ve won TWIA for London twice in a row. Superb timing and anticipation, wish I’d known you when I got married!

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