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Surrey Garden wedding


Surrey garden wedding photography

A quintessential Surrey garden wedding last Saturday for Harriet and Tom. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, a village church and a marquee in a stunning English country garden – it ticked many boxes. A very English wedding. A second wedding that Harriet’s parents, John and Sandra, had hosted in their beautiful gardens. A bit of déjà vu also, as with the wedding of Harriet’s sister, Emma, almost four years ago, so again there was a groom called Tom.

( This was a wedding that came about for me via a referral from a friend, the wedding photographer extraordinaire, Guy Hearn, who photographed Emma’s wedding but was unavailable for this one. I was one of several names he forwarded on, but not to worry, Harriet still managed to call me “Guy” on the day! 😉 )

Coverage began with final preps at the house before heading to St Martin’s church in East Horsley. Amongst their guests were a couple who had got married at this very church the week before. Bride and groom became guests, guests became the bride and groom.

Another bride and groom appeared too, in an open horse-drawn carriage – I presume from the wedding venue behind the church, Horsley Park. Waving to the waiting bridesmaids, they then came trotting back in time to toast the bride, as she arrived in the vintage Rolls. With a service conducted by a friendly and relaxed vicar, it was then the short trip back to the gardens as the sun started to beat down. It may or may not have been the hottest day of the year so far, but at times it felt like it was!

With the meal served, it was time for speeches. There was laughter and quite a few tears. I even got a mention! Although the thank yous were qualified by the groom as they had yet to see the photos! 😉

( It is rare for the wedding photographer to get a mention in the speeches. What we do isn’t seen on the day. What we do is really for long after the wedding. Long after you’ve forgotten what you ate at the meal, or who you spoke to, etc. Hopefully what we do is crystallize what happened on the day, freezing it in images. Any thanks are for later, maybe years hence frankly. )

So speeches done, bouquet thrown and some pictures in the gardens, it was time for Harriet and Tom to quickly rehearse their first dance, both in the house and in the barn as the band setup. Then time for the party!

Here are a few images from this Surrey garden wedding…

Bride getting ready at home
Bride getting ready
Bridesmaids arrive at the church
Another wedding couple pass by
Bride and her father
Wedding veil goes on
Bride and her father enter the church
Walking down the church aisle
Groom looks down the aisle
Surrey wedding photography
Church wedding ceremony in Surrey
Wedding ring
Signing the register
Bride and groom outside the church
Hug for the bride outside the church
Summer wedding
Surrey wedding confetti
Garden wedding reception
Surrey garden wedding
Surrey garden wedding in the house
Bride at Surrey garden wedding
Surrey garden wedding
Surrey garden wedding  photography
Surrey garden wedding
Cutting the wedding cake
Father of the bride speech
Wedding guests
Very young wedding guests
Wedding speech in a marquee
Groom's speech
Tearful bride listening to the groom
Best man's speech
Summer evening piggyback
Bride throwing the wedding bouquet
Bride and groom rehearse their wedding dance
Bride and groom rehearse their wedding dance at Surrey garden wedding
First dance at Surrey garden wedding
Bride dances with her father
Bride dancing
Beers on the dance floor
Summer evening light at Surrey garden wedding

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  1. What special moments captured forever, it seems incredible that you only met us all on the day and yet have been able to photograph such magical moments that reflect the family so well

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