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It's an unwritten rule not to upstage a bride on her wedding day. It's hard to do, but if the bride brings her own rival for the centre of attention, as Rachael did, well.....

Sorry, I'm not talking about the groom, Alex, or the bridesmaids. 😉 I'm talking about her young son, George. He gave his mum a run for the money in terms of attention on the day - he was also amazingly well behaved. One day he'll see these photos, and others like them, and realize he was part of a very big day!

The storm clouds, from a very soggy morning, cleared as Rachael got ready with her family and friends at The Inn on the Lake in Godalming. It was brewing up to be a warm and humid day. A June wedding in Surrey. The ceremony was just down the road in the picturesque village of Chiddingfold, at St Mary's church, opposite the village green.

( Funny enough this church was where I had one of my first tastes of wedding photography, some years ago now. Working at The Times, occasionally I'd be sent, as one of my assignments on a Saturday, to get a picture of a certain bride and groom for the Court and Social page as it was then. I'd rack up as they emerged from the church to get a shot and then go, often to the bemusement of the official photographer. I remember this one as it was raining. The official photographer was fussing about her cameras and wanting to set up a shot of the couple in the porch down the churchyard path. As she sorted out what lens to use, with her assistant, I photographed the smiling couple walking down the path with an umbrella and then left. That was the shot the paper used - 'reportage' 😉 )

But no rain for Rachael when she arrived, just sunshine and some good-natured heckling from people sat outside the pub opposite.

Wedding reception

After the ceremony and confetti, it was the shortest of drives to the reception venue - Russets Country House. Once the clubhouse of the adjoining Chiddingfold golf club, it has been transformed into both a spectacular private home and luxurious wedding venue. Like hosting your wedding in your own home if you were a millionaire. The speeches were from a very emotional bride's father, a groom's speech in rhyming verse and a best man (and older brother) who described 'The animal', along with some photographic proof.

A lovely wedding on a summer's day and George even had the stamina to still be up to join in the dancing in the evening.

Here are a few images from the day at a Russets wedding...

BRide dresses her son in his wedding outfit
Bride's young son
Youngsters at the getting ready
Chiddingfold church
Groom outside Chiddingfold church as guests arrive by coach
Bride and father banter with pub drinkers
Couple's young son at the church
Chiddingfold church wedding
Bride walks up the aisle with her father at Chiddingfold church
Chiddingfold church wedding ceremony
Surrey church wedding in Chiddingfold
Chiddingfold wedding
Bride and groom kiss outside St Marys church in Chiddingfold
Laughing bride
Greeting family
Bumblebee lands on the bride's wedding bouquet
Confetti at Chiddingfold church
wedding singer
Russets wedding
Groom at Russets wedding reception
Magician at Russets wedding reception
Russets wedding
Russets wedding reception
Russets wedding reception
Couple at Russets wedding reception
Speeches at Russets wedding
Russets wedding groom
Russets wedding reception speeches
Best men
Best man's speech at Russets wedding
Guests at Russets wedding
Russets wedding couple portrait
Summer Russets wedding
Bottle feed
Russets wedding first dance
Bride dances with her father at Russets wedding
Russets wedding dancing

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