Marquee in the garden wedding | Lydia & Stephen

Marquee in the garden wedding

Marquee in the garden wedding

When you have got the space and Lydia’s parents’ farm in East Sussex, certainly has that, then a marquee in the garden wedding has a personal feel to it. (It also means weeks of hard DIY work, getting the grounds looking right !) I think, to be more accurate, the marquee was set up in the field, at the bottom of the garden, but still…

Coverage kicks off in the kitchen. Lydia getting ready. The wedding dress went on, on the landing – all hands helping. Then a sort distance to the church in Warbleton. (Usual history bit in these posts…just near the church entrance, is a memorial to a local man, Richard Woodman. His claim ‘to fame”? Questioning the vicar. This led to a trial for heresy and eventually, along with nine others, he was burnt at the stake, in the centre of Lewes, in 1557. If you think we live in strange times?)

Anyhow, back to a happier occasion. Stephen was escorted across the road, from the pub, just before the bridesmaids arrived. Followed by Lydia and her father. A slight pause as some family arrived late and then into the church – Lydia and her father, Martyn, smiling broadly.

Ceremony, hymns, readings, signings and confetti – then back to the farm. Drinks in the sunshine. (And no group shots!!!! Plenty of that on guests’ iphones) Then into the marquee. Cake cutting was brought forward though, as the heat was making it wilt rather a bit. Doubtful it could have lasted in one piece, until the end of the meal. Then it was speeches. Two firsts. John Steinbeck being quoted in a wedding speech and a groom’s speech, that thanked many people, but perhaps in his haste to get the speech done, Stephen forget to mention his bride – Stephen recovered it well!! 😉 Then dancing at dusk…

Here are few images from the day…

Bride and her father walk up to the church

wedding reception in the garden

drinks in the garden

building the wedding cake

wedding cake

a kiss before entering the marquee

cutting the wedding cake

marquee in the garden wedding

evening wedding reception

First dance in the marquee

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