Arthingworth wedding | Emily & Marc

Arthingworth church

A wedding, as the heatwave came to an end…

It’s been warm in the UK for a few weeks. We like to call it a heatwave. “Look the grass is yellow!”  It’s all relative. For many of the guests at Emily and Marc’s wedding, coming from fourteen different and often hot countries, it hasn’t been as ‘scorchio’ as we like to think. Not least for the bride and groom, who came back from their home in Cyprus, for their wedding in the pretty village of Arthingworth in Northamptonshire. (Some say it’s Leicestershire? Not least Emily, when she wrote down the addresses?) Either way, the centre of England, the Midlands. For any history buffs, just a stone’s throw away from the battlefield of Naseby (English Civil War, 1645). I drove past on my way to the wedding – the Sealed Knot cannons booming across the fields, as they re-enacted the battle that afternoon. It was sunny at this point but the real thunder was coming…as some guests arriving at the church would find out!

England – France – Morocco

This was a wedding with a fusion of England, France and Morocco. An international guestlist, for an international couple – who met next to the coffee machine at work (Agence France-Presse). Coverage centres around Emily’s parents’ home, on a hill overlooking the village and surrounding countryside. A house that shares it’s name with another famous English battlefield, not too far away. Here, Emily was in hair and makeup, with her bridesmaids and bridesman. Already the weather looked to be on the change. The humidity was increasing, as was the cloud cover and some dark skies were on the western horizon. As I walked to church, a few drops of rain.

Then as more wedding guests arrived, including Emily’s mother, Cecile – someone turned on all the taps! This was a REAL DOWNPOUR! I’ve not seen rain like it, at a wedding, for years. The short walk, up the path to the church, was long enough for a full soaking. All hairstyling undone. Just as sudden, the taps turned off and the sun came out…too late for some but in time for the bridesmaids to arrive and for Emily to arrive, driven by her father is his elegant E-type!

The wedding ceremony. A bride asking the vicar, if he was nervous, rather than the other way around. Some music from Marc. Then back out – just in time for more rain – everyone back in… Confetti, a bouquet throw, then as the guests made their way back to the house, a few quick pics in the orchard behind the church. back to the marquee as the rain fell heavier.

Then the gift. Sunshine in the evening. This was a late wedding, with the ceremony at 5pm. So drinks and chat on the lawn, in the dipping sunshine – quite a result, given the wet weather earlier. The rain did come back, but by then everyone was in the marquee, for the speeches and the meal.

Later, the surprise – some traditional Moroccan wedding dancing – Emily & Marc held high on the dance floor. Dodging the fairy lights.

Here are a few images from the day…

order of service

bridal prep


bridesman makeup

hand mirror

bridesmaid makeup


bride hugs her mother

bride helps a bridesmaid get dressed

brdie puts on her wedding dress



heavy rain


wet guests



groom arrives with his mother

bride arrives in e-type jag

waiting outside the church door

waiting groom


wedding ceremony



Photographing the rings

back down the aisle


family hugs

cigarette break


throwing the wedding bouquet

bride and umbrella

bride and groom portrait

kiss in the orchard

walking back to the house

sheltering from the rain

wedding reception

drinks on the lawn



wedding reception on the lawn

lens cap still on

wedding speeches

stormy sunset

moroccan wedding dance

moroccan wedding dancing



Wow. Now that’s some rain! Great coverage.

Just stunning PJ work Martin, always a pleasure to look at wedding images captured like this….

This is what world class documentary wedding photography looks like! Great job Martin.

Absolutely superb set of story telling images

I loved the whole blog but damn…..those rain shots as people approached the church is something else. So good

Super work Martin, that rain looked biblical.

Masterclass in documentary this one – absolutely smashed it!

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