Buxted Park hotel – Lillian & Iain

Buxted Park

Buxted Park Hotel wedding photography

Buxted Park hotel, one of Sussex’s premier wedding venues. The venue for Lillian and Iain, with a day of two ceremonies and ‘getting-to-know-your-best-men-well’ games….

This is where the coverage really begins, in the morning, before the Chinese tea ceremony in The Orangery. The ‘open door’ tasks for Iain and his best men to complete, before he gets to greet Lillian and escort her down to the ceremony. The formidable barrier on the landing – Lillian’s two bridesmaids, Rachel and Vanessa – with a list of tasks to perform. Drink something vile or recognise Lillian’s lipstick/lips or kiss Lillian’s picture whilst doing press ups. (Iain did extra press ups!) For the best men, Adam and Gupta, try to burst several balloons by sitting, with some force, upon Iain’s lap. Pass seaweed between them – no hands. (romantic images) For Iain, feed a best man strawberries – again, using no hands. You get the gist – very intimate see some of this below.

Only then was Iain allowed to meet up with his bride. Down to the tea ceremony and then a break and a change of dress for Lillian, before the civil ceremony on the lawn. It was sunny but there was a cold breeze. This managed to upend two vases of flowers on the registrar’s table, minutes before the start. A quick change of table and tablecloths, before the wedding ceremony began. Then drinks on the terrace, or inside if the wind was too chilly for you.

Speeches before dinner and a quick speech by Lillian after dinner, with a surprise Star Wars cake for Iain, made by his mother. Coffee outside or in, as the ballroom was turned around, before the first dance. Then it was ceilidh time with Sussex band, Licence to Ceilidh. A pause after the first set, as the light finally dipped, heading towards 9pm. Then a sparkler gathering back on the terrace where the wedding ceremony had taken place.

A very nice May wedding, for a lovely couple….here are a few images from this Buxted Park hotel wedding…

(Also, in amongst these images, is a bride you’ll find on this website…the singer of the band…she was the bride at the next wedding I shot in Sussex)

Groom is blocked by the bridesmaids ahead of his challenges
Drink - not nice
Tasks for the groom at this Chinese wedding at Buxted Park
Chinese wedding games at Buxted Park
Chinese wedding games for the groom at Buxted Park
Groom gets to see the bride at Buxted Park
Groom escorts the bride to the Chinese tea ceremony at Buxted Park
Chinese tea ceremony at Buxted Park
Staff getting the outdoor wedding ready at Buxted Park
Bride unpacks her wedding dress at Buxted Park
Bride getting ready at Buxted Park
Buxted Park mirror reflects the bride smiling
Bride's mother helps her with the earrings
Buxted Park wedding day
Bride walks towards the outdoor wedding ceremony at Buxted Park
Buxted Park wedding outdoors
Groom clears the bride's tears
Buxted Park wedding kiss
Buxted Park wedding
Confetti at Buxted Park wedding
Friends hug the bride
Buxted Park drinks
Selfie with the bride
Buxted Park wedding reception indoors
Buxted Park couple portrait
Buxted Park table setting
Wedding speeches at Buxted Park
Bride and groom portrait at Buxted Park
First dance at Buxted Park
First dance kiss at Buxted Park
Wedding ceilidh at Buxted Park
Ceilidh singer
Sparklers at Buxted Park
Wedding sparklers at Buxted Park

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