Wiltshire wedding – Laura & Niall

A Wiltshire wedding for Laura and Niall – was it a summer or an autumn wedding – the weather wasn’t sure! A wedding in a small Wiltshire village, Whiteparish, just south-east of Salisbury and just above the New Forest. A ceremony in the village church and a reception, in a marquee within a walled garden, at Laura’s parents’ home, just down the road.

That’s where the coverage begins, with Laura getting ready with her bridesmaids and family. All eyes looking to the sky – which forecast would be right? Cloud or sun? The sun came for a bit, as Niall greeted family and friends outside All Saints Church. It was even in evidence when Laura’s mum and the bridesmaids were dropped off in the vintage Rolls Royce. But then there was a blip. The Rolls broke down on the return journey to collect Laura and her father. Then it seemed there was a problem with the car jack. The guests, seated in the church, were kept informed – the bridesmaids waiting by the road in the sunshine, were told too. But the minutes ticked by.

Plan B. Laura’s dad drove her to the church. The ceremony started 35 minutes late. A lovely, intimate church, on the edge of the former village green, begun in the late twelfth century. A quintessential English church ( if you ignore the Norman/Saxon debate). The sun shone through the windows for a time. By the time the ceremony was over, so was much of the sunshine.

The light became duller as the day wore on (a brief spark of sun at the end) and the weather grew chillier and more autumnal. The forecast said more sunshine….The marquee was sealed and heated. The orchard flickered to life, with lights in the apple trees, as the sun dipped below the horizon. September always seems to come as a surprise at how quickly the day starts to end. The fairy lights in the trees were a backdrop to some of the best wedding speeches I’ve heard in some time! (Keith Richards) The band then waited in position for the first dance – and the party kicked off!

Here are a few images from the day…at a Wiltshire wedding…


Wiltshire wedding001

Wiltshire wedding002

Wiltshire wedding003

Wiltshire wedding004

Wiltshire wedding005

Wiltshire wedding006

Wiltshire wedding007

Wiltshire wedding008

Wiltshire wedding009

Wiltshire wedding010

Wiltshire wedding011

Wiltshire wedding012

Wiltshire wedding013

Wiltshire wedding014

Wiltshire wedding015

Bridesmaids get ready

Bridesmaids get ready

Bride gets her wedding dress ready

Wiltshire wedding019

Bridesmaids get the bride into her dress

Wiltshire wedding021

Wiltshire wedding022

Wiltshire wedding023

All Saints Church, Whiteparish, Wiltshire

Wiltshire wedding025

Wiltshire wedding026

Wiltshire wedding027

Wiltshire wedding028

Wiltshire wedding029

Wiltshire wedding030

Wiltshire wedding031

Wiltshire wedding032

Wiltshire wedding033

Wiltshire wedding034

Wiltshire wedding035

Guests arrive for a Wiltshire wedding

Wiltshire wedding037

Wiltshire wedding038

Wiltshire wedding039

Wiltshire wedding040

Wiltshire wedding041

Bridesmaids wait for the bride

Wiltshire wedding043

Wiltshire wedding044

Bride arrives at the church helped by her bridesmaids

Arriving for a Wiltshire wedding

Wiltshire wedding047

Bridesmiads prepare the bride outside the church

Wiltshire wedding049

Wiltshire wedding050

Wiltshire wedding051

Wiltshire wedding052

Bride enters the church

Wiltshire wedding054

Wiltshire wedding055

Wiltshire wedding

Wiltshire wedding057

Wiltshire wedding

Wiltshire wedding059

Wiltshire wedding

Wiltshire wedding061

Wiltshire wedding062

Wiltshire wedding063

Wiltshire wedding064

Wiltshire wedding065

Wiltshire wedding

Kiss outside the church

Wiltshire wedding068

Wiltshire wedding069

Wiltshire wedding070

Wiltshire wedding072

Wiltshire wedding074

Wiltshire wedding076

Wiltshire wedding077

Wiltshire wedding079

Wiltshire wedding080

Wiltshire wedding081

Wiltshire wedding082

Wiltshire wedding083

Wiltshire wedding085

Confetti outside the church

Confetti outside the village church

Confetti outside the church

Wiltshire wedding089

Wiltshire wedding090

Wiltshire wedding091

Kiss in the wedding car

Wiltshire wedding093

Wiltshire wedding094

Wiltshire wedding095

Wiltshire wedding096

Wiltshire wedding097

Wiltshire wedding098

Wiltshire wedding099

Wiltshire wedding100

Wiltshire wedding101

Wiltshire wedding102

Wiltshire wedding103

Wiltshire wedding104

Wiltshire wedding105

Wiltshire wedding106

Wiltshire wedding107

Wiltshire wedding108

Wiltshire wedding109

Wiltshire wedding110

Wiltshire wedding111

Wiltshire wedding112

Wiltshire wedding113

Wiltshire wedding114

Wiltshire wedding115

Wiltshire wedding116

Wiltshire wedding117

Wiltshire wedding118

Wiltshire wedding119

Bride and groom portrait

Wiltshire wedding121

Wiltshire wedding122

Quick kiss before entering the marquee

Wiltshire wedding124

Wiltshire wedding125

Wiltshire wedding126

Wiltshire wedding127

Wiltshire wedding128

Wiltshire wedding129

Wedding marquee in an orchard

Wiltshire wedding132

Wiltshire wedding133

Wiltshire wedding134

Wiltshire wedding135

Wiltshire wedding136

Wiltshire wedding137

Wiltshire wedding138

Wiltshire wedding139

Wiltshire wedding140

Wiltshire wedding142

Wiltshire wedding143

Wiltshire wedding144

Wiltshire wedding145

Wiltshire wedding146

Wiltshire wedding147

Wiltshire wedding148

Wiltshire wedding149

Wiltshire wedding150

Wiltshire wedding152

Wiltshire wedding153

Wiltshire wedding154

Wiltshire wedding155

Wiltshire wedding156

Wiltshire wedding158

Wiltshire wedding159

Wiltshire wedding160

Wiltshire wedding161

Wiltshire wedding162

Wiltshire wedding163

Wiltshire wedding164

Wiltshire wedding165

Wiltshire wedding166

Wiltshire wedding167

Wiltshire wedding168


What a beautiful visual commentary on a very special day for a truly wonderful couple. Every happiness to Laura and Niall. x

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