Farnham Castle – Naomi & Greg

Farnham Castle wedding

Documentary wedding photography at Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle in July, in the height of summer. Drinks on the terrace in the sunshine? Not this year...drizzle, heavy rain, drizzle, heavy rain....get the pattern? Not what was ordered. Didn't stop Naomi and Greg grinning all day.

My first wedding at Farnham Castle - only been there once before, on another wet evening (but then it was November) but it was worth the trip! 

A couple who booked me after another great wedding - almost two years ago. They were guests then, now their friends were guests on their day.

I say Farnham castle, I think it's more accurate to say that everything takes place in the Bishop's Palace, attached to the old twelfth century castle keep? The Bishops of Winchester had a few grand palaces dotted about, as the richest diocese in Medieval England. They lived well... Even Bess One, stayed here - to avoid the plague in London. So a venue steeped in history and character, always the best kind - even if the gatehouse stairs can be a bit treacherous!!? 😉

The Gatehouse is where the coverage kicks off. Naomi getting ready with her bridesmaids (one being her sis) and her mum, before being collected by her dad, to walk across to the ceremony in the Lantern Hall. A classic comedy moment from her dad, as he gave Naomi away, to break the nerves around the ceremony. Vows, tears, rings, smiles, kisses - married - now real! A quiet moment in the Great Hall, as the guests gathered on the castle steps for the confetti. The unlucky ones, at the end of the line, standing in the drizzle. Then back inside for drinks. A seriously good magician, as a surprise for the bride and groom, to entertain and confuse the guests.

A brief pic under the tree - a bit dry and back in for the meal and some funny speeches. And Greg's mini trees.....

Tables cleared, dance floor laid - time for the party - to hell with the rain outside (it was like thick fog, on the Hog's Back, on the way home).

Here are a few images from a soggy wedding day at Farnham Castle, not that anyone really cared about the weather...

Bride getting ready at Farnham Castle
makeup at Farnham Castle
Wedding dress hanging up at Farnham Castle
Bridal prep at Farnham Castle
Hug from the bride's mother at Farnham Castle
Fastening up the wedding dress at Farnham Castle wedding
Quiet moment between the bride and her sister at Farnham Castle
Farnham Castle wedding rain
Bride makes her way to the ceremony at Farnham Castle
Wedding ceremony begins at Farnham Castle
Bride enters the ceremony room at Farnham Castle
Farnham Castle wedding
Witnesses at Farnham Castle wedding
Farnham Castle wedding ceremony
Farnham Castle wedding kiss
Farnham Castle wedding photography
Confetti at Farnham Castle
Bride's father
Laughing bride at Farnham Castle wedding
wedding reception indoors at Farnham Castle
Magician at Farnham Castle wedding reception
Couple portrait in the rain at Farnham Castle
Farnham Castle wedding speeches
Farnham Castle wedding first dance
Dancing at Farnham Castle wedding
Wedding party at Farnham Castle

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