Tythe Barn wedding – Alex & Mark

A Tythe barn wedding on Sunday for Alex and Mark and contrary to the weather reports running up to the wedding day, the sun shone!

Situated in the village of Launton, on the fringes of Bicester in Oxfordshire, the fourteenth century barn is a quiet, scenic venue for a wedding under blue skies. Even better, I didn’t get stung by a wasp there this time, unlike my last visit!

Mark’s family live in Oxfordshire but both families share their roots in the North-West of England. Around Greater Manchester and Cheshire ( just like me! 🙂 ) This was a joining of families and there were some beautifully drawn up family trees on hand for guests to spot how many of them were related to each other.

Waterloo Bridge got a mention, in the readings, as it was a location for their first date. As did one of their shared loves, a love of beer. Each table had an empty bottle of ale with a flag denoting the name of each tipple. Beers with unique names. Titles like ‘Seven Giraffes’, ‘Gamma Ray’, ‘Old Lech’, ‘Love not War’, ‘Rogue’, ‘ Gentlemen’s Wit’ and my favourite name, ‘A Side Pocket for a Toad’ . Clearly I need to experiment more with my beers and not just drink London Pride. I’ll be asking Alex & Mark for their favourites when they return from their honeymoon. Time to try these this summer. To compliment the beer, their cake was a tower of English cheese.

With the weather holding, the ceremony was held outdoors. UK law requires there to be a covering over the couple during the ceremony – hence it takes place in the vast barn doorway. Friends and family sit on wooden benches in front of the doorway – it’s a nice relaxed, intimate setup. This weekend last year I shot another outdoor wedding, down at River Cottage in Dorset, both were lucky with the weather. The year before, a wedding on this weekend, had felt like a cold wet winter’s day, with everyone huddled around the heater in the marquee. The blue skies were a big bonus but the best bit was that everyone was relaxed and happy, not least the smiling couple themselves.

Here are a few images from the day at the Tythe Barn…


Tythe-barn001Tythe barn wedding venue near BicesterTythe-barn003Tythe-barn004Tythe-barn005Wedding guest adjusting her shoe outside the tythe barnTythe-barn007Tythe-barn008Tythe-barn009Wedding guests gather outside the barn before the ceremonyTythe barn near Bicester set for an outdoor wedding ceremonyGroom gives thumbs up to a wedding guestBride admires herself in the mirror before the ceremony shot on a Fuji X-T1Tythe-barn014Bride gets ready for her ceremony at the Tythe BarnTythe-barn016Tythe-barn017Bride and her father head to the wedding ceremonyTythe-barn019Tythe-barn020Tythe-barn021Outdoor wedding ceremony at the Tythe BarnGroom place ring on bride's fingerTythe-barn024Tythe-barn025Bride and groom kiss after getting married at the Tythe barnTythe-barn027An uncle plays violin during the signing of the registerTythe-barn029Tythe-barn030Tythe-barn031Tythe-barn032Tythe-barn033Tythe-barn034Bride and groom walk through confetti and bubbles after the ceremonyTythe-barn036Tythe-barn037Tythe-barn038Tythe-barn039Tythe-barn040Tythe-barn041Tythe-barn042Wedding reception at the Tythe Barn near BicesterTythe-barn044Tythe-barn045Tythe-barn046Tythe-barn047Guests greet the newly married couple.Tythe-barn049Tythe-barn050Wedding guests at the Tythe barn wedding reception in the sunshineTythe-barn052Tythe-barn053Tythe-barn054Tythe-barn055Tythe-barn056Summer wedding at the Tythe BarnTythe-barn058Tythe-barn059Tythe-barn060Tythe barn wedding shot on the Fuji X-T1Tythe-barn062Tythe-barn063Tythe-barn064Fuji X-T1 wedding photosTythe-barn066Tythe-barn067Tythe-barn068Tythe-barn069Tythe-barn070Tythe-barn071Tythe-barn072X-T1133Tythe-barn073Tythe-barn074Tythe-barn075Portrait of the bride and groom shot on a Fuji X-T1Tythe-barn077Tythe-barn079Tythe-barn080Tythe-barn081Tythe-barn082Tythe-barn083Tythe-barn084Tythe-barn085Tythe-barn086Tythe-barn087Tythe-barn088Bride smiles during her father's speech at Tythe barn wedding receptionTythe-barn090Tythe-barn091Wedding guest's leg shot on Fuji X-T1 and Zeiss 85mm ZF lensTythe-barn093Tythe-barn094Tythe-barn095Tythe-barn096Groomm required to walk in a straight line during best man's speechBest man tests groom's catching abilityBride and groom exit the Tythe barn to applause from guests.Tythe-barn100Tythe-barn101Tythe-barn102Tythe-barn103Young wedding guests taking a selfieTythe-barn105Wedding gusest have coffee near the CowshedTythe-barn107Tythe-barn108Tythe-barn109Tythe-barn110Tythe-barn111Tythe-barn112Tythe-barn113Tythe-barn114Tythe-barn115Tythe-barn116Tythe-barn117Tythe-barn118Tythe-barn119Tythe-barn120


Fantastic photos here! I also use Fuji cameras and can’t wait for my wedding season to begin. I like your style as it shows a lot of depth and you capture the scene really well. Very nice black and white’s as well! Time to wander around your website some more.

Brilliant coverage as ever Martin – those Fuji’s really suit your style, and really make the images sing. Are you ditching the Nikons yet?

Not ditching the Nikons yet ( unless Fuji would like to give me some gear? 😉 ) Good camera though, just needs a few tweaks.

Subhojyoti Gupta

Your photography is awesome. I am not a good photographer. But have had e better experience after seeing your wedding documentary. I am an amateur photographer. I am now using Nikon D5100. But my first preference is Fujifilm X series. But I can’t bare at this time. So, nice to see your photographs.

Thank you for showing this.

Lovely set of images Martin. Some beautiful moments captured. I bet they are thrilled!

I’m loving this Martin, the colours are incredible and I love the B&Ws too.

Cracking shots, as ever Martin. Really lovely stuff. First time I’ve seen some decent colours from that camera!

Absolutely stunning set Martin. Such great colours, and gorgeous black and whites. As usual, impeccable composition and framing.

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