Sussex village wedding | Lucy & Ian

Sussex village wedding at Singleton church

A Summer wedding in a small Sussex village

A Sussex village wedding for Lucy and Ian – the village in question being the pretty, flint-walled, village of Singleton. Nestled in the Lavant valley, just north of Chichester. (If you have kids of school age, you may have been here…to the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, on a school trip. I was a parent volunteer on a trip here once, I dodged anymore trips….). Everything about this wedding was within a few yards of each other. Lucy got ready in a room with a view of the church. After the ceremony, it was a short walk back to Ian’s parent’s house, for the wedding reception. No need for fancy wedding limos, from A to B to C, just walk. A simple, very relaxed summer wedding. I like these.

Lucy got ready in the barn, opposite the house. Along with her bridesmaids and her five month old daughter, Maisie. Not every bride has to do a feed, as their makeup is applied. They would all walk around the corner, to the church. Maisie would be handed over, just before Lucy took her father’s arm, and walked down the aisle.

(At this point, a note about the vicar – Rev Kev – the most ‘un-vicar-like’ vicar, I think I’ve met. That’s a compliment. If only I could hire him for every church wedding I shoot – many of his fellow vicars, are not as helpful to photographers. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to stand so close in a church – another good reason to shoot with the Sony A9 and it’s silent shutter. ) I’m pretty sure I’ve never stood so close to the altar before but what a great light there! A nice, cheerful ceremony and back out for confetti and to lead everyone back to the house.

Tipi at the end of the garden

A neighbour had let them use the field at the end of the garden. Ian and his friends had constructed a sturdy wooden bridge, across the stream, to the field and the tipi. Here there were drinks and games. Some of the games got a bit more serious, as the evening went on. The wooden skittles started with the little ones and then later, became the testosterone-fuelled scene of ‘bowling prowess’. There was also the Swedish game of Kubb – more throwing of wood – at more wood…or people…?

Some pictures, back near the church and then the meal. Food by Eat the Street. Speeches followed. Ian got them crying – in a good way. Although a Maisie that insisted on a feed, meant Lucy missed much of the best man’s speech. Then a pause before the dancing. Always a tight space in a tipi but for once some nice, streaking WHITE light from the DJ Nigel Peirce – just dive in and accept the bruises, for the images you get…

So, here are just a few of the images from the day…a Sussex village wedding…

Reveal of the wedding dress

Bridesmaids makeup

Bride feeds her daughter during prep

Bridesmaid eye makeup

Getting ready

Smiling bride


Final tweaks to the bride's hair

Fastening up the wedding dress

The belt

Bride flattens her father's hair

Waiting at the church

Flowergirls spot the bride

Sussex village wedding

Bride cleans up her daughter

Groom in the church

Maid of honour

Groom's sister blows him a kiss

Bride enters the church

Sussex village wedding ceremony


Flowergirls want to look


Bride and her father

Couple's daughter

Groom wipes his brow

Sat across the aisle

Flower girls

Father hands over his daughter

Sussex wedding ceremony


Walking back down the aisle

Sussex wedding photography

Sleepy young wedding guest

Confetti at Singleton church

Bride and groom kiss

wedding cake

Tipi tables for lunch

wedding tipi

Playing skittles


sussex wedding reception

Cutting the wedding cake

relaxed bride


bride groom and their daughter

sussex wedding photography

sussex wedding

kiss outside the church

playing with the hoops

palying Kubb at a wedding reception

wedding tipi in the field

bride's father speech

groom's speech

tearful bride

kiss for the groom after his speech

best man's speech



wedding dance floor

sussex village wedding photography

first dance at a sussex wedding

wedding dancing

wedding dance

bride and groom hug on the dance floor

bride and groom dance

a moment for the bride and groom

wedding guests on the dance floor

dancing in the tipi

( From the perspective of a wedding photographer: Quite a benchmark of a wedding – relaxed vibe and people, very photo-friendly vicar, great access during the ceremony, no videographer(s) getting in the way, and a DJ with proper lighting – strong white light, not silly red and green dots – no need to use flash all day. All that was missing was some proper sunshine…but still a belter! )


Beautiful photography Martin – I love your work.

Great work as always, love the coverage of the ceremony.

Amazing set! The dance shots are incredible, great coverage

Martin thank you so much for being the perfect photographer! Love looking back at the photos from our magical day which you’ve captured so perfectly.

great party images super cool!

Amazing Martin. Love that baby’s expression

Stunning work Martin! Beautifully considered composition and framing, and those dance photos are awesome!

Fantastic coverage. Such an excellent narrative Martin.

Beautifully crafted images Martin. Just wonderful.

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