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Grittenham barn wedding sign

Amanda and Jon’s wedding at Grittenham Barn

This wedding happened along the same road, the A272 in West Sussex. All of it local to where the couple lives. Grittenham Barn was later, the wedding reception. First, Amanda was getting ready in a lodge at Cowdray Golf Club – overlooking the polo fields. A few emotions once her mother had left, to get to the church, but smiles again soon. A very chilled bridal prep, with the soundtrack of “Bargain Hunt” on the TV – that was until Amanda had had enough of that noise!

All very chilled too, in the warm sunshine, over at the Horseguards pub, opposite the church. A drink in the sun, for Jon, before everyone crossed the road, in the village of Tillington and headed over to the church. (The pub gets its name, it is said, from being the regular stopover for the cavalry escorting gold bullion to the Navy in Portsmouth, from London). All Hallows church is one of those landmarks, that you can’t miss, as you drive along the A272, heading west from Petworth. It’s unusual Scots Crown tower, marks it out as different. The village is tucked away from the main road, on the edge of the great Petworth Park estate.(Thank you to Amanda’s friend, for giving me a parking space in the village, close to the church. Little things like that make a big difference, when covering a wedding day).

Wedding at Tillington church

Amanda arrived with her brother, the wedding car parked a bit close to the flint wall… Inside the church, Jon stood with his two sons, waiting at the end of the aisle. No fuss about wedding photography at this church – all very helpful! Words said, rings exchanged, a kiss, applause and two broad smiles – married! Back out and around the church, to reappear for the confetti. Slight hiccup, some guests ‘didn’t get the memo’, so not quite the confetti barrage all at once, as it perhaps should have been? But down to the car, still in the sunshine (the threat of rain, yet to materialize).

Grittenham Barn

As Amanda & Jon live on part of Petworth estate, there was the chance to drive into the park, for a few, quick pictures, before heading west to Grittenham Barn.  A grade II listed stone barn, Grittenham Barn sits down a small lane, off the main road, with views of the South Downs – a nice setting for a wedding reception. Amanda and Jon joined their family and friends, for drinks and food from the grazing table, before heading to the barn, for the speeches and dinner. As the evening guests started to arrive, so did one of their friend’s bring two other visitors – their dogs.

That kissing done, it was time for the first dance and then the band, The Dualers, for some reggae. Although there was the Hog Roast outside, competing for attention.

A nice Sussex wedding, at Grittenham Barn. Here are a few images…

wedding dress
Makeup for the bride
All Hallows church in Tillington Sussex
Country church wedding
Wedding guests arrive at All Hallows church in Tillington
Bride arrives with her brother at All Hallows church in Tillington
Groom waiting
All Hallows church wedding in Tillington
Wedding rings
Kiss at the end of the ceremony
Pronounced man and wife
All Hallows church wedding ceremony
Filming the bride and groom
Bride in the wedding car
Couple portrait near Petworth
Chairs at Grittenham Barn
Groom chats with guests at Grittenham Barn
Grittenham Barn wedding
Grittenham Barn wedding reception
Wedding reception at Grittenham Barn
Guest with a camera at Grittenham Barn
Grittenham Barn
Grittenham Barn speeches
Grittenham Barn wedding toast
Grittenham Barn wedding day
Grittenham Barn reportage
Grittenham Barn
Evening reception at Grittenham Barn
Visit of their dogs at Grittenham Barn
Grittenham Barn first dance
Grittenham Barn wedding band
Grittenham Barn dancing

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