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Skanderborg wedding

Reportage wedding photography in Denmark

Last weekend I shot a wedding in Denmark. Skanderborg, Jutland. The small town, beside the lake of the same name, where Janne and Michael live. So, an early flight from Gatwick the day before. Off to the Land of Lego, the Little Mermaid and The Vikings!! ( That's the cliches out of the way! 😉 ) The last time I was in Denmark, I was aged 10 - so some time ago... Strange I've not been back since? This was a flying visit. In, the wedding, out. Of all the weddings I've shot abroad (wedding photographers like to call them 'destination weddings'), this is the first time there has been no UK connection. Where one or both, of the wedding couple, are from the UK. Janne and Michael had found my work on Instagram.

(If the Brexit madness actually goes ahead - you are watching a country look to commit economic suicide - will this still be possible? To nip over to Europe to photograph a wedding, without visas, etc? Complete madness.)

Skanderborg Castle Church wedding

Coverage begins at their home. Janne getting ready with her family. (A big thank you to her brother, Jens, for collecting me from Copenhagen airport and driving me to Skanderborg. Plus back again on Sunday!!) The church itself was once part of a castle. One of the castle turrets still standing. A royal palace beside the lake, this is all that remains. It also has an unusual entrance, a set of steep steps. Janne arrived with her father.

As a wedding photographer, you are often listening out for markers, during the ceremony and the speeches, as to what might happen next, how people might react? When you don't speak a word of Danish (and most around you can slip seamlessly into perfect English..) it means you have to watch very closely. Plus apologizing for being English, when asked questions in Danish. (Thankfully my children get their linguistic skills from their mother, not me). The ceremony concluded - Janne and Michael married - a subtly different ceremony to those in UK churches and a lot more efficient. No mucking about signing registers. Outside, Michael had a surprise for Janne - he had borrowed a Porsche for them to roar away in. He was so excited, at first he forgot to open the car door for Janne.

Skanderborg Park Hotel wedding reception

The reception was at the hotel overlooking the lake in Skanderborg.  Drinks, tapas, cake, petanque and some rather dubious 'golf'! Another wedding couple arrived by helicopter - I prefer the Porsche personally. The brides passed once. It was then time for the evening meal. Speeches in between the four courses - we even caught the last of the evening sunlight, for a quick picture or two. Games as well speeches and songs and of course, lots of kissing the bride or the groom, when their partner was out of the room. Plus the customary glass chinking, instructing the couple to kiss. Tradition also says that the couple must hold their first dance by midnight. So just before this, everyone gathered on the petanque court, in the darkness. Surrounding the couple, they lit their sparklers and made their way towards them. Traditionally they would clap and as the sparklers went out, people did - until they were right around Janne and Michael. (Not the easiest thing to photograph, relying on just the light from the sparklers. But I quite like the movement in the last frames, shot in the dark, with only a handful of sparklers still providing any light.) It was then dancing inside. A nice wedding, for a nice couple and a chance for me to see something a bit different from the UK - in the Land of the Vikings!

Here are just a few images from the day in Skanderborg... Her er blot nogle få billeder fra dagen (according to Google translate!?)

Uncle and his neice
Bride's daughter watches her have her makeup done
Bridal prep in Denmark
Bride's brother helps his father with his tie
Bride's daughter plays with the veil
Getting the youngest dressed for the wedding
Bride getting ready at home in Denmark
Watching the grown ups
Wedding dress
Skanderborg castle church
Bride walks up the entrance steps at Skanderborg castle church in Denmark
Skanderborg wedding entrance
Skanderborg wedding
Smiling young wedding guest
Wedding ceremony in Denmark
Wedding in Skanderborg in Denmark
Hugs outside the chucrh
Hugs from the in-laws
Bride and groom greet the guests as they leave the church
Wedding in Denmark
Confetti run
Confetti at Skanderborg wedding
Brideand her daughter at wedding in Denmark
Confetti in his hair
Bride and groom drive off in a borrowed Porsche
Young daughter
Wedding guest at Skanderborg wedding
Bride's young son
Guests on their phones at Skanderborg wedding reception
Wedding guests playing petanque at Skanderborg Park Hotel in Denmark
Wedding reception
Wedding photography
Bride and groom in the grounds of Skanderborg Park Hotel
Skanderborg Park Hotel wedding
Skanderborg bride
Guests at Skanderborg Park Hotel wedding
Golf in the grounds of the hotel in Skanderborg
Wedding guests playing golf at Skanderborg Park Hotel
Skanderborg wedding reception
Young guest
Skanderborg wedding photography
Wedding dinner
Kissing the bride
Wedding speeches at Skanderborg wedding
Sunset portrait at Skanderborg wedding in Denmark
Groom's speech
Bride hugs the groom after his speech
Wedding guests
Wedding games for the bride and groom
Evening at Skanderborg wedding reception
Wedding songs
First dance outside just before midnight lit only by sparklers at wedding in Denmark
Midnight first dance outside at Danish wedding
Bride and groom dance
Midnight wedding dancing

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