Royal Holloway College – Stephanie & David

Royal Holloway college wedding

Wedding photography at The Royal Holloway college

Royal Holloway, a massive “French chateau” in Surrey, or so it appears.

Built in 1886 by the Victorian entrepreneur and philanthropist Thomas Holloway. A self-made multi-millionaire who had made his fortune in patent medicines, this vast building began life as a college for women. It’s now part of the University of London.

He must have had a few bob – it’s massive!

Said to be inspired by the Château Chambord in the Loire Valley. It’s this ornate building, The Founder’s Building, which is built around two quadrangles, with a  chapel and picture gallery, that is one of the most impressive looking university buildings you can find. It is also where Stephanie and David got married.

For David, getting married at his place of work.

Weddings in the sun but cold!

April. It can be a funny month. Gives us promises of Spring, of longer evenings, of leaves appearing on the trees, blossom and sunshine. But sometimes it forgets about the temperature. Especially in the arch outside the chapel entrance, as two shivering flower girls can testify. It’s a bit of a wind tunnel in which to wait for the bride. It was warm in the chapel. (Often it’s the other way around)

But Stephanie and her father arrived on time, as David and his brother waited at the end of the long chapel aisle. The ceremony completed and a bride and groom walking back down the aisle with Cheshire Cat smiles (see below), a brief meetup with family and friends, before Stephanie and David drove around to the south quad in the wedding car. The plan had been to have drinks with the wedding guests, in the sunshine, in the South Quad. The sun shone, but the cold meant just about everyone headed straight into the bar. Not the best light, for wedding photography, in there……

Outside the sun came out and went in. Maybe the temperature crept up a fraction? But not enough to entice everyone out. April in England on St George’s day.

The meal was in the dining hall overlooking the quad and was the spot for the dancing too. We even got some evening sunshine for a brief portrait shoot – you can’t see the football match taking place behind Stephanie and David.

So despite the temperature, Stephanie and David got hitched (with big smiles 🙂 ) and shared a special day with their family and friends at the Royal Holloway.

Here are a few images from the day…

Royal Holloway College chapel Getting ready in the college chapel Royal Holloway College wedding Royal Holloway College wedding ceremony Married at Royal Holloway College Royal Holloway College wedding portrait Royal Holloway College wedding venue Filming the wedding speeches Royal Holloway College wedding kiss Royal Holloway College first dance





















































































Great images !!!!!!!

Stephanie Waterford

Martin, these photos are exactly what we wanted for our special day! You have captured everything so naturally and really caught the personalities of our wedding party. Our preference was never to have the over-posed, awkward expression type images that you see on so many wedding websites, but to have our day recorded and documented as naturally as possible. Your reportage style and ‘melt into the background’ manner really allowed us and our guests to be captured without knowing you were there! We are so pleased with the photos and look forward to sharing them with our friends and family. Thank you so much! Stephanie & David

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