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Cuckfield Village Hall

Cuckfield Village Hall wedding Photography

A Sussex wedding – in Haywards Heath and Cuckfield, for Alice and Peter. A village hall and a town church. Family, friends, some food, some drink, some music (some white sunglasses for Peter) and some Spring weather – finally!! My third time shooting at the reception venue, the village hall in Cuckfield, the Queen’s Hall. Third time lucky too. Each time the sun has delivered in the evening. Sliding across the recreation ground at the back of the venue.

Now, like many couples who want documentary wedding photography, Alice and Peter weren’t keen on posing for photos for very long, if at all. But when the sun delivers like that – it seems impolite not to use it. For a few minutes anyhow. (Documentary wedding photography can have some portraits!)

Coverage begins in Cuckfield – where Alice and Peter live. Joined by her family from Eire, Alice got ready at home. The ceremony was a short hop away in Haywards Heath, at St Paul’s RC church. A very relaxed, chatty priest from Moscow too. With the band playing in the church and a friend of theirs singing Ava Maria for them, the ceremony concluded and Alice and Peter walked out of the church before ducking back in, to emerge again to cheers and hugs. They did manage to slip away quietly though, before meeting up with everyone back in the village hall in Cuckfield.

Queen’s Hall

Drinks in the garden and a few selfies…a few quick pics and back inside for the meal. A leap from Peter en route to his table – working the crowd!! 😉 Speeches, food, cake and then the dancing. The band got everyone going really well but then the power cut out. A delay – no music or lights. Luckily there was a wedding guest with more electrical knowledge than just being able to wire a plug. Some shifting of cables, power sockets, extension cords – he’d come to the rescue and Peter could dazzle all with his moves once again!! 😉

A lovely village hall wedding, with a lot of smiles. Here are a few images from this Cuckfield Village Hall wedding…..

Bride's hair Father of the bride gets ready St Paul's Roman Catholic church in Haywards Heath Groom chatting inside the church Last minute lipstick for the bride Guests look on as the bride enters the church Wedding at St Paul's RC church in Haywards Heath Wedding at St Paul's RC church in Haywards Heath Guests leave the church Hug for the bride Wedding reception at Cuckfield Village Hall Selfie with the groom at Cuckfield Village Hall Groom in sunglasses Tackling the groom at Cuckfield Village Hall Wedding at Cuckfield Village Hall Chat by the window in Cuckfield Village HallWedding dinner at Cuckfield Village Hall Entrance of the bride and groom to Cuckfield Village Hall Father of the bride speech Groom's speech at Cuckfield Village Hall Cuckfield Village Hall wedding speechesCuckfield Village Hall wedding Best Man's speech Sunset portrait at Cuckfield Village Hall Drinking game for the groom Cuckfield Village Hall selfie Cuckfield Village Hall first danceDancing at Cuckfield Village Hall wedding Cuckfield Village Hall wedding dancing



Absolutely lovely. So beautifully depicts a wonderful day filled with love xxxPeter’s mum

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