Oxford University Church wedding photography – Wenlin & Shaoyang

Oxford University church wedding

Wedding Photography at Oxford University Church

University church, the heart of the town, the heart of the university. Or the full title, the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. The location for the wedding of local residents, Wenlin and Shaoyang (Tony) last week. This largely thirteenth century church still dominates the high street in Oxford. The site of a church since Anglo-Saxon times. Long before the concept of a university in England. This was where Oxford University began. Gradually the university grew up around it, so that most of it’s parish is college and university buildings. Now it sits next to one of the university’s, and Oxford’s, most famous buildings, the Radcliffe Camera (a library).

Across the street, Wenlin got ready, with her bridesmaids. The church is literally a stone throw’s away. Wenlin was still a few minutes late though! 😉 A graduate of St Hilda’s college in Oxford, there was the added bonus for Wenlin, that the vicar of the University church, Revd Canon Brian Mountford, is also the chaplain of her old college. He led Wenlin and her father into the church, through the baroque porch (which does seem at odds with the rest of the architecture), and which still bares the bullet holes made by Parliamentarian soldiers during the English Civil War. Not too keen on the baroque were Oliver Cromwell’s boys! Oxford drips history at every turn.

Capturing natural wedding photography in Oxford

The ceremony done, the signing of the register took place to one side of the nave and atop the fourteenth century tomb of a former rector, Adam de Brome, who founded Oriel College. Big tombs are useful for more than brass rubbings. It was then out to a bit of confetti and finally….some sunshine!! It didn’t stay long but it was some. Being March, you grab it with both hands. Some pictures nearby before walking back across the high street, down Magpie lane, past Merton College and across the Christchurch meadows and on to the reception venue, The Folly restaurant.

A riverside venue, next to the bridge and last week, next to a rather high and brown looking Thames. It’s a nice, intimate location with good food. Some drinks and bouquet throwing before the meal. Speeches after the food and then the chaos of sparklers on a cold terrace at night! What a great Oxford University Church wedding to photograph!

Here are a few images from the day….

Bride's dress hangs in the window

Make up artists adjusts a bridesmaid's hair

Bridesmaids chatting

Bridesmaids show bride a photo on a phone

Smiling bride's mother

Laughing bridesmaids

Bridesmaids help bride's mother with her makeup

Bridesmaid on sofa

Getting ready chaos

Bridesmaids sat on a bed

Bridesmaid checks her iphone

Bride looks in mirror

Bride discusses her hair

Final makeup for the bride

Flowers on the pew in Oxford University church

Stained glass window

Bride walks across Oxford High Street

Bride walks along the high street

Vicar greets the bride and her father

Bride and her father enter the church

Bride and her father start the walk down the aisle

Groom watched the bride walk down the church aisle

Oxford University Church wedding

Oxford University Church wedding

Bridesmaid gives a reading during the ceremony

Bride and groom hold hands

Groom places the wedding ring on the bride's finger

Bride and groom kiss

Bride and groom walk hand in hand

Bride smiling at the groom

Choir singing

Wedding ceremony

Bride and groom walk back down the aisle

Bride and groom walk down the aisle

Bride and groom showered in confetti oustide the church

Bride and groom kiss outside the church

Bride and groom showered in confetti oustide the church

Bride and groom walk down the high street

Oxford wedding on the X-Pro2

Oxford wedding

Portrait of the bride in Oxford

Bride's father takes her picture

Oxford bride and groom portrait

Oxford bride and groom portrait

Oxford bride and groom kiss

Fuji X-Pro2 wedding photography

Bridal party walking down Oxford's back lanes

Bridal party in Oxford

Oxford wedding

Bride squeezes groom's cheeks to make him smile

Oxford bride and groom kiss as the sun dips

Bride and groom portrait

Bride and groom wlaking seen through railings

Bride walking across Folly Bridge in Oxford

Bridal party walking down steps to the Folly restaurant

Bride and groom enter the wedding reception

Wedding reception at The Folly restaurant in Oxford

Wedding reception at The Folly restaurant in Oxford

Wedding reception at The Folly restaurant in Oxford

Wedding guests at The Folly restaurant in Oxford

wedding guests looking at their mobile phones

Wedding guests laughing at The Folly restaurant in Oxford

The Folly restaurant in Oxford

Wedding guest reflected in a mirror

Bride ready to throw the bouquet

Wedding guest catches the bouquet captured on a Fuji X-Pro2

Wedding guests at The Folly restaurant in Oxford

Bride's mother

Bride's father

Wedding guests at The Folly restaurant

The Folly restaurant

Sparkling lights

Bride's mother laughing

wedding guests

Bride and guest a selfie in the mirror

wedding guests

Bride's mother smiling

Wedding guests at The Folly restaurant in Oxford

Bride strikes a pose for a friend

Wedding tables laid out at The Folly restaurant

Wedding tables laid out at The Folly restaurant

Wedding tables laid out at The Folly restaurant

Wedding guest at the dinner table

Wedding guests at the dinner table

Folly Bridge Oxford

Bride and groom on the X-Pro2

Wedding cake detail

wedding decoration

Table plan

Groom's father speech


wedding speeches

smiling wedding guest

Laughing wedding guests during the speeches

Groom's brother and best man

Smiling bride

wedding guest

Laughter during the speeches

Bride toasts the guests

Groom's speech

Best man watches the groom's speech

Tearful wedding guest captured at high iso on the Fuji X-Pro2

Happy bride

pretty wedding guest

wide shot of the wedding speeches

wedding cake

wedding sparklers chaos on the terrace

wedding sparkler run for the bride and groom

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Oxford, here are a few more weddings I have captured there recently, an Oxford Town hall wedding and at Harris Manchester college.


Hi Martin, these photos are fantastic! Each time we look at them, it is like we re-live that day again! Thank you so much for such precision for each moment; it is a sweet life-long present!

Shaoyang & Wenlin

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