Nutfield Priory wedding – Amy & Chris

A Nutfield Priory wedding for Amy and Chris last week. A neo-gothic Victorian mansion on the edge of Redhill in Surrey. Now a four star country house hotel, it sits high on a ridge, overlooking the Surrey and Sussex countryside. In the far distance, the holiday airliners silently fly in and out of Gatwick airport. Why a priory? It sits on land where an Augustine Priory was once sited, seized by Henry VIII. The look of the place, with it’s cloisters and gargoyles, is actually all Victorian though.

So this is where the coverage begins. Amy got ready with her bridesmaids, sister and mother at the hotel, in a room with a view looking to the distant hills to the south. Everything was running smooth but busy. The bridesmaids dresses needed some last minute alterations though. From here, it was a short drive past Redhill to the small Surrey village of Leigh. St Bartholomew’s church, a fifteenth century church on the edge of the village green. This was a very English wedding and the first in a long time that I’ve covered, that featured top hats!

Amy was escorted down the aisle by her uncle. A traditional wedding ceremony and then back out into the sunshine to celebrate with family and friends. Many from their time at Durham University where Amy and Chris met. It was then back to Nutfield Priory for the wedding reception on the narrow terrace at the back. It was sunny, warm but breezy. The gusty wind was playing havoc with the large balloons tied to the fence on the terrace. Every so often, the string quartet would have a percussion accompaniment, as the balloons popped with a loud bang.

Fresh oysters and ice cream, as well as fizz and beer were on hand, as everyone enjoyed the sunshine. (You just had to dodge the odd balloon). It was then back into the hotel for the wedding breakfast and speeches. As evening approached the skies clouded over and the wind dropped, but the party was inside by now. A wedding with an attention to detail and that sailed along very smoothly.

Here are a few images from the day at Nutfield Priory….

Nutfield Priory001
Nutfield Priory002
Nutfield Priory003
Nutfield Priory004
Nutfield Priory005
Nutfield Priory006
Nutfield Priory007
Nutfield Priory008
Nutfield Priory009
Bride getting ready at Nutfield Priory
Bride getting ready at Nutfield Priory
Nutfield Priory012
Bridesmaid getting ready at Nutfield Priory
Bridesmaids getting ready at Nutfield Priory
St Bartholomwe's church in Leigh in Surrey
Nutfield Priory016
Nutfield Priory017
Nutfield Priory018
Nutfield Priory019
Top hat wedding
Top hat wedding in England
Nutfield Priory022
Nutfield Priory023
Nutfield Priory024
Nutfield Priory025
Bride arrives at the church
Nutfield Priory027
Nutfield Priory028
Bride holds hands with her sister before entering the church
Nutfield Priory030
Bridesmaids help get the bride ready
Bridesmaids help get the bride ready oustide the church
Nutfield Priory033
Nutfield Priory034
Nutfield Priory035
Bride waits to enter the church
Nutfield Priory037
Nutfield Priory038
Nutfield Priory039
Nutfield Priory040
Nutfield Priory041
Nutfield Priory042
Nutfield Priory043
Nutfield Priory044
Nutfield Priory045
Nutfield Priory046
Nutfield Priory047
Nutfield Priory048
Bride and groom compare rings
Nutfield Priory050
Bride's gift to the groom a pocket watch
Nutfield Priory052
Nutfield Priory053
Nutfield Priory054
Nutfield Priory055
Nutfield Priory056
Nutfield Priory057
Nutfield Priory058
Nutfield Priory059
Nutfield Priory060
Nutfield Priory061
Nutfield Priory062
Nutfield Priory063
Nutfield Priory064
Nutfield Priory065
Nutfield Priory066
Nutfield Priory067
Nutfield Priory068
Nutfield Priory069
Nutfield Priory070
Nutfield Priory071
Confetti at a Surrey wedding
Nutfield Priory073
Nutfield Priory074
Nutfield Priory075
Nutfield Priory076
Bride gets out of the wedding car at Nutfield Priory
Nutfield Priory078
Nutfield Priory079
Nutfield Priory080
Nutfield Priory081
Nutfield Priory082
Nutfield Priory wedding reception
Nutfield Priory084
Nutfield Priory085
Oysters at a wedding reception
Nutfield Priory087
Nutfield Priory wedding reception
Nutfield Priory089
Nutfield Priory090
Nutfield Priory091
Nutfield Priory092
Nutfield Priory093
Nutfield Priory094
Nutfield Priory095
Nutfield Priory096
Nutfield Priory wedding reception
Nutfield Priory098
Nutfield Priory099
Nutfield Priory100
Nutfield Priory101
Nutfield Priory102
Nutfield Priory103
Nutfield Priory wedding reception
Nutfield Priory105
Nutfield Priory106
Nutfield Priory107
Nutfield Priory108
Nutfield Priory109
Nutfield Priory110
Nutfield Priory111
Bride and groom portraits at Nutfield Priory wedding
Bride and groom portraits at Nutfield Priory wedding
Bride and groom portraits at Nutfield Priory wedding
Nutfield Priory wedding
Nutfield Priory116
Nutfield Priory117
Nutfield Priory118
Nutfield Priory119
Nutfield Priory wedding reception
Nutfield Priory121
Nutfield Priory122
Nutfield Priory123
Nutfield Priory124
Nutfield Priory125
Nutfield Priory126
Nutfield Priory127
Nutfield Priory128
Nutfield Priory129
Nutfield Priory130
Nutfield Priory131
Nutfield Priory132
Nutfield Priory133
Nutfield Priory135
Nutfield Priory137
Nutfield Priory138
Nutfield Priory139
Nutfield Priory140
Nutfield Priory141
Nutfield Priory142
Nutfield Priory143
Nutfield Priory144
Nutfield Priory145
Nutfield Priory146
Nutfield Priory147
Nutfield Priory148
Nutfield Priory149
Nutfield Priory150
Nutfield Priory151
Nutfield Priory152
Nutfield Priory153
Nutfield Priory154
Nutfield Priory155

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