Mayor’s Parlour wedding – Melanie & Joe

A Mayor’s Parlour wedding at Islington town hall for Melanie and Joe last Saturday. A small London wedding of just eight people, including the bride and groom. A wedding that included a good samaritan!

But before that, it was Melanie and her bridesmaid (cousin) Lucy, getting ready in the flat. They were then joined by Melanie’s parents. The town hall was just a short drive away in the wedding car – although the streets were filling up with Arsenal fans on their way to the lunchtime kick off. Soon it was time to follow the bride to the town hall. The wedding car, a vintage London cab, was waiting just down the street – with the bonnet up! A very stressed driver was tinkering away with the engine as he spoke on his mobile to a colleague and there was a strong whiff of burning hanging over the cab. The minutes ticked by, should another cab be called? Then the smoke from the engine decided it. The bags were rescued from inside and it was a question of when a replacement car could get there. At which point, in stepped the “Good Samaritan” – Ben.

Ben lives around the corner and was meant to be taking his family to the swimming pool, but instead he rode to ‘rescue the damsel in distress’ 😉 Actually Melanie was very calm, but you get the point? He offered her a lift to the town hall – the bride did get there on time.

After a quick game of ‘hide from the groom’, as Melanie was ushered into a room the size of a cubicle when she arrived, it was then time for the ceremony in the intimate surroundings of the Mayor’s Parlour.

( At this point I have to say something. What is that Arsenal shirt doing hanging up on that wall? Now an Arsenal shirt appears in everyone’s wedding photos. Not for some Spurs fans recently though. They came armed with a blanket to cover it up I’m told. Mr Mayor, they may be your local team, but you’ve got to move it from there! )

The town hall was busy on Saturday, at one point there were four brides outside at the same time, either coming out or going in. Just as Melanie & Joe left, a big wedding came out of the main council chamber. They then hogged the steps for a seemingly endless list of group shots. This party had come armed though, with some glasses and a bottle of fizz, as they waited for the steps to clear. It was then time to hail cabs and get across to the Fera restaurant at Claridge’s for the wedding meal. A few quick pics in Grosvenor Square and my coverage ended with the champagne toast.

Weddings don’t have to be big affairs.

Here are a few images from the day…


Small London wedding001

Small London wedding002

Small London wedding003

Small London wedding004

Small London wedding005

Small London wedding006

Small London wedding007

Small London wedding008

Small London wedding010

Small London wedding011

Small London wedding012

Small London wedding013

Small London wedding014

Small London wedding015

Small London wedding016

Small London wedding017

Small London wedding018

Small London wedding019

Small London wedding020

Small London wedding021

Small London wedding022

Last selfie for the bride and bridesmaid before leaving

Small London wedding024

Small London wedding025

Small London wedding026

Small London wedding027

Small London wedding028

Small London wedding029

Small London wedding030

Small London wedding031

Small London wedding032

Small London wedding045

Small London wedding046

Small London wedding047

Small London wedding048

Small London wedding049

Small London wedding050

Small London wedding051

Small London wedding052

Small London wedding053

Mayor's Parlour wedding

Small London wedding055

Mayor's Parlour wedding photography

Mayor's Parlour wedding

Small London wedding058

Small London wedding059

Small London wedding060

Mayor's Parlour wedding

Small London wedding062

Small London wedding063

Mayor's Parlour wedding the bride and groom kiss

Small London wedding065

Small London wedding066

Small London wedding067

Small London wedding068

Small London wedding069

Small London wedding070

Mayor's Parlour wedding

Mayor's Parlour wedding documentary wedding photography

Small London wedding073

Small London wedding074

Small London wedding075

Islington town hall wedding confetti

Small London wedding077

Small London wedding078

Small London wedding079

Small London wedding080

Small London wedding081

Small London wedding082

Small London wedding083

Small London wedding084

Small London wedding085

Small London wedding086

Small London wedding087

Small London wedding088

Small London wedding089

Small London wedding090

Small London wedding091

Small London wedding092

Bride and groom in a London taxi cab

Small London wedding094

Small London wedding095

Small London wedding096

Small London wedding097

Small London wedding098

Small London wedding099

Small London wedding100

Bride and Groom at Calridge's

Small London wedding102

Small London wedding103

Small London wedding104

Small London wedding105

Small London wedding106

Small London wedding107

Small London wedding108

Small London wedding109

Small London wedding110

Small London wedding111

Small London wedding112

Wedding meal at Claridge's


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Thank you so much for all the lovely photographs of our big day. You have really captured our wedding day story and everyone who has seen your blog has been so complimentary about your work.

As we were a smaller wedding party, we did have a worry that having a photographer with us would get in the way and be a bit disruptive, but you were wonderful at putting everyone at ease and not making us do the normal “posed” wedding shots.

We are just delighted with the photographs, which are so natural of us with our families! Thank you once again. Melanie L.

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