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Lulworth Castle

Reportage wedding photography at Lulworth Castle

A castle in Dorset and the setting for Nicola and Alex’s wedding – Lulworth Castle.

A seventeenth-century castle that started out as a hunting lodge, it sits within a 1000 acre deer park. It’s a ‘castle’ after castles were obsolete. Gunpowder had seen to that. It was built not to pacify the locals, like older Norman fortresses, but as somewhere to entertain the king and his courtiers as they hunted in the locality. No hunts now – although the nearby MOD firing range provides a faint popping soundtrack of gunfire. Part of the vast Lulworth Estate, that has been owned by the same family since the 1640s (apart from a bit of squatting by the Roundheads). Nearby is the world-famous Jurassic Coastline, the arch of Durdle Door, where the rolling Dorset hills plunge into the sea.

The fact that the castle was gutted by a fire in 1929 could have consigned it to being just a ruin in the deer park. But the restoration in the 1990s, keeping the ruined walls, installing new floors of warm wooden floorboards, makes it a better space for a wedding, than if the inferno had not happened. It has space, light and warmth. Quite unique for a ‘ruin’. Excellent for a wedding venue.

The end of May the weather was warm, but the vistas hazy. The surrounding hills and the view down to the sea were almost misty. Heavy rain was forecast but didn’t come during the day. I hit that driving back to Sussex in the evening. Sort of rain where everyone slows down on the motorway, as you could barely see. Luckily it didn’t appear during the reception, swinging around that part of Dorset.

Even the peacocks came out in the evening, to be handfed by the bride and groom. The Sun a distinct orange globe on the horizon.

Here are a few images from this Lulworth castle wedding…

Lulworth Castle in Dorset
Groom in Lulworth Caste
Wedding guests arrive for a Lulworth Castle wedding
Picture on Lulworth Castle steps
Bridesmaids snaps Lulworth Castle
Bride helped out of the carriage
Lulworth Castle wedding
Groom waits
Start of the ceremony at Lulworth Castle wedding
Lulworth Castle wedding ceremony
Holding hands during a Lulworth Castle wedding ceremony
Young guest watching the wedding ceremony
Lulworth Castle wedding
Wedding at Lulworth Castle
Confetti on Lulworth Castle steps
Lulworth Castle wedding flags
Drinks at Lulworth Castle wedding
Lulworth Castle wedding reception
Lulworth Castle wedding games
Bride and groom at Lulworth Castle wedding
Wayward veil
Dinner served at Lulworth Castle wedding
Sign at Lulworth Castle
Wedding cake
Speeches at Lulworth Castle wedding
Couple portrait at Lulworth Castle wedding
Bride and groom natural portrait at Lulworth Castle wedding
First dance at Lulworth Castle wedding
Sunset at Lulworth Castle wedding

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