Huntsham Court wedding – Sarah & Mark

Huntsham Court wedding

Huntsham Court wedding photography

Huntsham Court – a Victorian Gothic mansion near Tiverton in Devon, close to the Somerset border and the location for Sarah and Mark’s wedding weekend. This is not a hotel, it’s a private house, a wedding venue for hire. You can exclusively rent the house for the weekend, install friends and family amongst the 30 bedrooms and spread out the celebrations. It’s an atmospheric canvas, that oozes character, onto which you can stamp your own personality for your wedding. This is harder to achieve with a hotel.  As Sarah said on the phone to me, “This is more than just a wedding, it’s a party!”. It was also neutral ground, with their families hailing from Somerset and Norfolk (they met at Imperial College) and as with many weddings, guests had flown in from around the world for a weekend in Devon. The only thing that was a slight ‘fly in the ointment’ – the weather in Devon that weekend. Dark clouds heralded rain for much of the afternoon, but the venue is of a size that guests inside could scatter amongst the rooms and enjoy the afternoon tea.

It was also a wedding that didn’t preclude children, with almost thirty under-8’s, led, as it were, by Sarah and Mark’s 11-month-old son, Lucas. Lucas came to the Douglas room in the morning to watch Sarah, her mum and bridesmaids get ready, before the one o’clock wedding ceremony downstairs in the Great Hall. Now it calls itself the Great Hall but it’s not actually that big and it was a bit of a squeeze. In fact, respect to the registrar who let me practically stand on her shoulder to shoot the ceremony. The event manager’s idea that I shot from near the window was a non-starter. Bizarre. I don’t think I have ever shot a ceremony so close up before (24mm and 50mm lenses only) and the lighting (with the window to the side and dark panelling all around) was…challenging!

After the ceremony, Sarah and Mark left the Hall and walked up the stairs for a quiet moment together, as the guests went outside to prepare for the confetti ambush. It was then back into the Hall for the cake cutting, as the cake was to form part of the afternoon tea. The plan then was drinks on the lawn. This was successful for a bit until the rain drove everyone inside again. The sun did come back later in the day though. By early evening, the kids fed, the babysitters in place, it was time for the adults to have an evening drinks reception and then onto the wedding breakfast. After that? Dancing back in the Great Hall…

Here are a few images from the day at a Huntsham Court wedding…


Champagne toast with the bride

Bride's son playing in the getting ready room

Bridesmaid at Huntsham Court wedding

Bride hugged by a bridesmaid at Huntsham Court wedding

Bride walks down stairs with her brother at Huntsham Court

Bridesmaids at Huntsham Court wedding ceremony

Bride walks down the aisle with her brother

Huntsham Court wedding ceremony in the Great Hall

Bride at Huntsham Court wedding

Reading at Huntsham Court wedding

Intimate Huntsham Court wedding ceremony

Bride and groom kiss at Huntsham Court wedding

Huntsham Court wedding in the Great Hall

Bride and groom kiss at the top of the stairs

Reflected in the mirror

Confetti at Huntsham Court wedding

Huntsham Court wedding reception

Drink for young guest

Watching the adults at Huntsham Court wedding reception

wedding bouquet

Hunting with his camera


Wedding food

Up in the air


Wedding reception at Huntsham Court

Huntsham Court wedding rain

Young guests at Huntsham Court wedding

Piano tunes

Bride and groom portrait at Huntsham Court

Devon wedding venue Huntsham Court

Huntsham Court wedding reception

Bride and groom announced into the meal

Huntsham Court wedding speeches

Bridesmaid wedding speech at Huntsham Court

Bridesmaid speech

Wedding toasts

Bride's mother's speech

Groom's speech

Huntsham Court wedding speech

First dance at Huntsham Court wedding


 As with most bookings, this wedding coverage led to another. Almost three years later and the wedding at Hampton Court House for a bridesmaid here, Ailsa.


I just wanted to say that we absolutely love the photos. I am amazed at how lovely the shots of Mark and I are, despite there being only a very short window in which to get them (due to the rain). They capture the spirit of the day, the people and the venue perfectly. An amazing record of our day.

I would also like to say that we were really grateful for the discreet way in which you managed to get the shots (particularly now I have seen some friends photos showing how close you actually were during the ceremony, I did not realise it would be such a squeeze!). For 2 people who hate having their photograph taken, Mark and I both felt completely at ease. Thanks again.

Great images Martin, brilliant storytelling. Sure the couple are thrilled with these

Some absolutely stunning detail shots here Martin – the image you lead with of the stag is fabulous!

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