Herons Farm Wedding – Rebecca & Rachel

Herons Farm wedding

Reportage wedding photography at Herons Farm

Herons Farm, just outside Pangbourne in Berkshire, the venue for Rebecca and Rachels wedding. A barn wedding on a farm, where you can stamp your own identity upon the location and the day. Plenty of Prosecco and Gin for a start! 😉

Two brides but only one (laidback) bridal prep. Just down the hill, at The Elephant hotel in Pangbourne. Rebecca was here with family and friends. Rachel was up at Herons Farm (no need for prep shots she said). Judge Rinder overlooking the prep. Outside it was sunny, hot and muggy. The forecast said rain to come….the forecast was right, there were a few drops but the day, thankfully, stayed dry. As family and friends gathered in the courtyard, outside the barn, a shuffling act began in the main house. The brides meeting the registrar, without bumping into each other. Rebecca arrived in a VW camper van, that would later serve as a photo booth.

Rachel waited in the barn. Rebecca arrived – the looks, the smiles, the kiss. Married! Time to hit the fizz. I think at this point, the confetti on the seats, was meant to be thrown – it wasn’t. So a lineup was organized in the courtyard, once R&R had had a sip of fizz. Drinks on the lawn, a roaming magician with card tricks, the Camper van photo booth, before back into the barn for the speeches. Some emotional words, some tears at the tables. Then a note under a chair and a designated person on each table, to don the chef’s hat and serve out the pie for supper.

Evening drinks in the courtyard – even a brief moment of evening sunshine. Tables were cleared, the band did their sound checks and then Rebecca and Rachel kicked off the dancing.

So here are few images from Rebecca and Rachel’s wedding day at Herons Farm…..

Judge Rinder in bridal prep

Herons Farm

Bride walking to the ceremony with her father

Bride greets her bride before their wedding ceremony

Exchange of looks between the two brides

Same sex wedding ceremony

Two bride wedding

Confetti in the courtyard

Bride hugs her granny

Magician entertain the wedding guests

Brides share a kiss

Herons Farm wedding reception on the lawn

Bride hugs a wedding guest

Card tricks

Brides in ther VW camper van photo booth

Two brides walk hand in hand

Same sex wedding portrait

Brides cut the wedding cake

Wedding magician in action

Herons Farm wedding speeches

Two brides wedding speech

Bride has a moment with her father

Bride leads a wedding guest by his tie on the dancefloor

Sony A9 wedding photography

Sony A9 wedding photography




[…] charged up the batteries and popped it into the boot (with the manual) on the Sunday. Much of this wedding was shot on the Nikon D5, until it came to the meal. Generally, I don’t photograph people eating their meal, as that […]


These are phenomenal – we are REALLY pleased. You were exactly what we hoped for.
Thank you so so much!

Rachel & Rebecca

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