Henley Town Hall wedding – Sarah & Will

Henley Town Hall wedding

Wedding photography at Henley Town Hall.

Many couples, when planning their wedding – a tipi by the river, walking through the town for drinks outside a riverside pub, a flotilla carrying guests down the river – hope for blue skies on the day. Early August after all?

When it actually happens…..!!!

A Henley wedding for Sarah and Will. A smart town, famous for it’s association with the river Thames and the rowing regatta – home to Sarah and Will too. A lot of effort and attention to detail had gone into this wedding, but it needed the weather and the weather gods delivered. A tipi on Henley Meadows, just yards (metres) from the river. Almost perfect clear blue skies, little breeze and it was warm.

Coverage begins a short taxi cab ride away, in Sonning Common, where Sarah and her family were getting ready at her godparent’s house. Already by mid-morning it was pretty warm. Back in Henley, Will was at the Bull pub, enjoying a few drinks and bites to eat, before leading everyone around the corner to the town hall. The ceremony was in the large barrel vaulted room, the Main Hall. Ceremony…married…signed..applauded. Time for a confetti blitz on the town hall steps, before Sarah and Will walked down through the town, with their guests, for drinks outside the Angel on the Bridge pub. From here everyone was to embark upon a small flotilla of boats – generously arranged by one of their friends. Sarah and Will got a real gleaming beauty from the 1930s. With the sound of popping champagne corks from the bridesmaids boat, there was time to glide down the river. Everyone eventually arrived on the bank near the tipi. It was then drinks and games – a coconut shy, badminton and cricket… The meal was a barbecue, cooked onsite, before speeches in the tipi and some pictures in the evening sunshine, before the band struck up.

If Carlsberg created a summer’s wedding day in England...(where the couple did it their way!)*

Here are few images from the day….

Henley005Henley006Henley007Henley008Henley009Henley010Henley011Henley012Henley013Henley014Henley015groom drinking with mates in the pubHenley017Henley018Henley019Henley020Henley021Henley022Henley023Henley024Henley025Henley026Henley027Henley028Henley town hall weddingHenley030Henley031Henley town hall weddingHenley033Henley034Henley town hall weddingHenley036Henley037Henley038Henley039Henley040Henley041Henley town hall wedding confettiHenley043Henley044Henley045Henley046Henley047Henley048Henley049Henley050Henley051Henley052Henley053Henley town hall weddingBride and groom on the river at HenleyHenley056Henley057Henley058Henley059Henley060Henley061Henley062Henley063Henley064Henley065Henley066Tipi by the river weddingHenley068Henley069Henley070Henley071Henley072Henley073Henley074Henley075Henley076Henley077Henley078Henley079Henley080Henley081Henley082Henley083Henley084Henley085Henley086Henley087Henley088Henley089Henley090Henley091Henley092Henley093Henley094Henley095Henley096Henley097Henley098Henley099Henley100Henley101Henley102Henley103Henley104Henley105Henley106Henley107Henley108Henley109Henley110Henley111Henley112Henley113Henley114Henley115Henley116*as it should be!


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These photos are absolutely beautiful! We couldn’t be happier at the outcome, they really capture the essence and atmosphere of the day and it so lovely to see all the genuine reactions on the guests faces. We love them all!

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