Dewsall Court wedding – Jo & Addie

A Dewsall Court wedding last Saturday for Jo and Addie – this is how to hold a wedding!

When Addie got in touch with me at the start of May, there were some key words/phrases in his description of the wedding day. It included, “…. a big ol’ country house in Herefordshire…informal…fun…a shared table of family-style food, locally-sourced flowers, our own bottled cocktails, Prosecco on tap…a stunning bride..amazing friends..lovely family…it should be an absolute ball “. Well, it ticked all those boxes!

The emphasis was on informal and Dewsall Court is perfect for that. Has to be one of the best wedding venues I’ve been to. A few miles south of Hereford, it’s a beautiful canvas upon which to create your own wedding day. So much better than the ‘by-the-numbers’ approach you often get at big hotel chain venues. An open air wedding ceremony on the lawn, with views looking out towards the Black Mountains, Hay Bluff and Wales, how could a wedding there not have anything but a relaxed vibe? Jo and Addie are both creative people. Addie is a photographer, while Jo runs a creative agency in London, so this wedding was always going to look good. It was also very DIY. When I arrived, Jo was working outside with family and friends sorting out the flowers for the long table and ceremony area. Family and friends had also made up the bouquets, the cakes, the signs and the cocktails. Addie was inside, sleeping off the night before…

So to getting ready. Jo got ready in a massive suite on the side of the house. Ready also with her ipad “the ultimate wedding day photo checklist”!!!!!?  🙂   The getting ready was relaxed, maybe a bit too relaxed, as she was half an hour late to arrive downstairs for the ceremony. Addie says it is usually him that is late – he now has some ammunition. This did cut into the reception time but the main worry was the ever increasing cloud cover. Wet weather was rolling across Wales. The clear blue skies of the morning had long gone, it was now a question of when it would rain. The weather just didn’t play ball.

Accompanied by her father in a pale suit and Panama hat, he may remind you of someone? The Man from Del Monte perhaps? Funny that……he is. Brian, Jo’s father, is that actor from the 80’s commercials and to keep to a theme here, a photographer himself also. With the ceremony under an open sided tarpaulin, Jo and Addie, with their witnesses, had to pop into the study to complete the ceremony – some rule about ‘bricks and mortar’ to make it legal… Next, out to a full on confetti ambush!! They then led the guests around to the Mediterranean lawn for drinks. The clouds meanwhile were getting a touch darker. It meant pictures of Jo and Addie in the drizzle. But thankfully it was light and brief. Later the view towards Hay Bluff would be obscured by a squall that swept along just a few miles away but left Dewsall untouched.

Before the meal, Addie had set up his own photo studio next to the swing, so time first for a selfie holding up his wife! The food finished, it was time for speeches from Brian, Addie and his best man, David.  Even Jo said some heartfelt words of thanks after the cake cutting, before the band started up. But the last part of my coverage was Addie and Jo opening up a Jeroboam of champagne – I don’t imagine anyone had an early night.

Here are a few images from the day…..( hopefully some from the checklist 😉 )

Dewsall Court001

Dewsall Court wedding

Dewsall Court003

Dewsall Court004

wedding signs at Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court006

Dewsall Court007

Dewsall Court008

Dewsall Court009

Dewsall Court010

Dining table in the barn at Dewsall court wedding

Dewsall Court012

Wedding bunting at Dewsall Court

Open air wedding ceremony tent at Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court015

Dewsall Court016

Dewsall Court017

Dewsall Court018

Dewsall Court019

Dewsall Court020

Dewsall Court021

Dewsall Court022

Dewsall Court023

Bride hanging up her wedding dress at Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court025

Dewsall Court026

Dewsall Court027

Dewsall Court028

Dewsall Court029

Dewsall Court030

Dewsall Court031

Dewsall Court032

Dewsall Court033

Dewsall Court034

Dewsall Court035

Wedding guests before the ceremony at Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court037

Dewsall Court038

Dewsall Court039

Dewsall Court040

Dewsall Court041

Dewsall Court042

Dewsall Court043

Dewsall Court044

Dewsall Court045

Bride leaves the house with her father.

Dewsall Court047

Dewsall Court048

Dewsall Court049

Dewsall Court050

Wedding ceremony at Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court052

Dewsall Court053

Dewsall Court054

Dewsall Court055

Dewsall Court056

Dewsall Court057

Dewsall Court058

Dewsall Court059

Dewsall Court061

Dewsall Court062

Dewsall Court063

Dewsall Court064

Bride makes sure the ring stays on the groom's finger

Dewsall Court067

Dewsall Court068

Dewsall Court069

Dewsall Court070

Dewsall Court071

Dewsall Court072

Dewsall Court073

Wedding at Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court075

Dewsall Court076

Dewsall Court077

Dewsall Court078

Dewsall Court079

Dewsall Court080

Dewsall Court081

Dewsall Court082

Dewsall Court083

Dewsall Court084

Dewsall Court085

Dewsall Court086

Dewsall Court087

Dewsall Court088

Dewsall Court089

Dewsall Court090

Dewsall Court091

Dewsall Court092

Dewsall Court093

Dewsall Court094

Dewsall Court095

Dewsall Court096

Dewsall Court097

Dewsall Court098

Dewsall Court099

Dewsall Court100

Dewsall Court101

Dewsall Court102

Dewsall Court103

Dewsall Court104

Dewsall Court105

Dewsall Court106

Dewsall Court107

Dewsall Court108

Dewsall Court109

Dewsall Court110

Dewsall Court111

Dewsall Court112

Dewsall Court113

Dewsall Court114

Dewsall Court115

Dewsall Court116

Dewsall Court117

Dewsall Court118

Dewsall Court119

Bride and groom portrait by the lake at Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court121

Dewsall Court122

Bride and groom portrait at Dewsall Court

Dewsall Court124

Dewsall Court125

Dewsall Court126

Dewsall Court127

Dewsall Court128

Dewsall Court129

Dewsall Court130


Dewsall Court133

Dewsall Court134

Dewsall Court135

Dewsall Court136

Dewsall Court137

Dewsall Court138

Dewsall Court139

Dewsall Court140

Dewsall Court141

Dewsall Court142

Dewsall Court143

Dewsall Court144

Dewsall Court145

Dewsall Court146

Dewsall Court147

Dewsall Court148

Dewsall Court149

Dewsall Court150

Dewsall Court151

Dewsall Court152

Dewsall Court153

Dewsall Court154

Dewsall Court155

Dewsall Court156

Dewsall Court157


Dewsall Court159

Dewsall Court160

Dewsall Court161



Dewsall Court164

Dewsall Court165

Dewsall Court166

Dewsall Court167

Dewsall Court168

Dewsall Court169

Dewsall Court170

Dewsall Court171

Dewsall Court172

Dewsall Court173

Dewsall Court174

Dewsall Court175

Bride and groom opening up a Jeroboam

Dewsall Court177

Dewsall Court178

Dewsall Court179

Dewsall Court180

Dewsall Court181

Valerie and John Nicholson

Jo and Addie’s wedding was such a delight and the odd spit spots of rain failed to dampen anybody’s enjoyment as can be seen in your wonderful photographs.
Your photography has revived and renewed the memories of a wonderful family wedding and the joy of our niece Jo and the welcome to Addie.
Your talent as a photographer shows in the relaxed and unposed photographs.
Thank you for being kind to the old lady in the white hair and lime green dress, its been wonderful on this foggy morning to remember such a great day and to make us both smile!
Valerie and John

Fantastic work Martin, the photographs tell a beautiful story of the day. Your clients must have been delighted with these.

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