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Outdoor wedding photography at Coworth Park

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Celeste and Justin’s wedding featured an outdoor wedding ceremony, in the wildflower meadow at Coworth Park – a favourite hotel of theirs. A humanist ceremony in the warm sunshine. So warm and humid that the ceremony was paused for a bit, so water could be passed around. Later, there was a performance by dancers from the English National Ballet, in the Oval Room.

Celeste, getting ready with her family and friends, was ready very, very early. The finishing touches were still being applied to the small pavilion outside  – covered by flowers and surrounded by especially planted trees. Justin was still waiting for his suit to arrive from London at this point.

The sunshine came out as the guests gathered around their seats in the meadow. Celeste’s father led her down the long walk through the yellow meadow, before handing over to Justin and for the couple to walk down the aisle together.

Rose petals thrown at the end of the ceremony, before Celeste and Justin led their guests across to the sunken garden for a champagne reception. Later they would head back into the hotel for a quick ceremony with the registrars – the legal bit. It was then down to the Oval Room and a performance by dancers from the English National Ballet, where Justin is the Chairman. Two pairs of dancers, two real life couples – to add to the romance. A performance in quite a tight space. The meal and some singing followed. Then speeches, as the sun dipped outside. We just managed to catch the last few minutes of the setting sun, as it skimmed over the meadow, for some portraits.

It was then back inside, for the dancing in the Garden room.

Here are just a few images from this elegant wedding in the sunshine at Coworth Park…

Flowers for outdoor wedding ceremony at Coworth Park
Flowers on the chairs
Makeup at Coworth Park
Bride getting ready at Coworth Park
Bridal prep at Coworth Park
Groom greets arriving guests at Coworth Park wedding
Bride escorted by her father
Outdoor wedding in the meadow at Coworth Park
Outdoor wedding ceremony at Coworth Park
Reading at Coworth Park wedding
Coworth Park wedding
Wedding vows at Coworth Park wedding
Coworth Park wedding ceremony in the meadow
Confetti at outdoor wedding at Coworth Park
Bride and grrom lead the wedidng guests to the drinks reception
Wedding drinks at Coworth Park
Coworth Park
Couple portrait at Coworth Park
Bride and groom announced into dinner at Coworth Park wedding
Ballet entertainment
Ballet at Coworth Park wedding
Cabaret act
Father of the bride speech
Coworth Park wedding
Sunset portrait at Coworth Park wedding
Bride and groom at Coworth Park sunset

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