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Newdigate church wedding

Coverwood Farm wedding photography

Spring looked like it had finally arrived at Emma and Graeme's wedding last Saturday, as the daffodils glowed under blue skies and fluffy white clouds. There was however to be a sting in the tail later, as the weather turned!

The coverage began at St Peter's church in Newdigate, Surrey. I've driven past the church countless times, as it's practically down the road from me. I'm in West Sussex, but you can walk to the Surrey border from my house, with Newdigate being the second village you come to. ( I've just realised that this is the nearest wedding to my home I am currently shooting this year - next week sees a 150 mile trip down to Dorset and then Kent the following week! I've never been a local wedding photographer )

Newdigate church wedding ceremony

St Peter's has a distinctive ( almost Germanic? ) look - a late 14th/early 15th-century tower, made from local oak by local craftsmen with the unique oak shingle exterior ( although much of this shingle was replaced in 1985, the fabric of the tower is original ). But back to the wedding day. After the ceremony, it was a short drive, deeper into Surrey, traversing the old Roman road, Stane Street ( which ran from London Bridge down to Chichester ) and onto the wedding reception at Coverwood Farm. Just north of Ewhurst, Coverwood offers a lovely secluded location for a wedding reception by the lakes.

On Saturday there was some time for the guests to enjoy the sunshine by the lake and it was best to stay in the sunshine as the temperature was dipping, but a big black cloud was creeping over the Surrey Hills. The temperature nosedived, the rain came down, followed swiftly by hail - the party moved to the massive marquee. I've commented before on the stoicism of many brides when faced by unseasonal weather. Last year, on the corresponding weekend to this, I shot a wedding in Mayfield which could have been in mid-winter, as a rainstorm battered the wedding all day. But on Saturday, it was cold. If this was video footage, you would see Emma's teeth chattering (stills are kinder!) but she bore it manfully (is that the right word?) and insisted upon ignoring the weather and enjoying this special day for her and Graeme.

So here are a few images from the day - there is also a clue as to where Emma & Graeme work (and met) amongst the images of the Coverwood Farm.

Newdigate church pews
Wedding guests hread to the pub opposite Newdigate church
Groom inside Newdigate church in Surrey
Family arrives at Newdigate church wedding
Posing outside the church for a photo
Surrey wedding car
Newdigate church wedding
Newdigate church wedding
Newdigate church wedding ceremony
wedding ceremony at Newdigate church
Newdigate wedding
Surrey wedding
Newdigate wedding
Wedding at Newdigate church in Surrey
Surrey reportage at wedding
Newdigate church wedding
Coverwood Farm
Coverwood Farm wedding reception
Coverwood Farm in Surrey
Guests at Coverwood Farm wedding reception
Coverwood Farm wedding
Sheltering from the rain at Coverwood Farm
wedding cake
Marquee reception at Coverwood Farm
Coverwood Farm wedding day
wedding speeches
Groom's speech
Best man's speech
wedding speech slideshow
Bride and groom portrait at Coverwood Farm

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