What Couples say…

What couples say….about my work. Time to find out now the national finals of The Wedding Industry Awards 2015 are finished.

What happened?……………..Well, I got silver – Highly Commended in the Best Wedding Photographer 2015 category.

Highly Commended award in National wedding finals for Martin Beddall

Okay, I didn’t go to the actual ceremony in London. I had a shoot in London booked in which meant the turnaround wasn’t possible. I was still processing images from the shoot as the finalists started to gather at the Café de Paris. But frankly, these sort of evenings, are not really my thing. So I found out via twitter after walking the dog.  (#excitingevening ).

So, getting ‘silver’, can’t be bad? No 2 in England…….Does it help couples with their decision with which reportage wedding photographer to hire? Time will tell. But what it does mean is I can now see the comments from couples who voted for me. Thank you to each of them.

I’ll let them have the final word….

General Comments ( in random order )

Martin is an extremely creative individual, which I believe sets him above even the best in the industry. As a client I can say that we booked him not on any recommendation but on his work alone and he exceeded our expectations.

Martin Beddall is an outstanding wedding photographer, with the ability to capture the emotion and feeling from a day, and providing stunning pictures to last a lifetime.

Martin’s photography was fantastic, he got some great shots. He even stayed longer than expected to get shots of our first dance. Would recommend him to friends and family.

Martin was our first choice for a wedding photographer, after I stumbled across his blog when researching possible venues. I was attracted to his style of photography, and really liked the informal, natural photographs of people’s weddings. I also really liked to composition of some of his work, I know he uses natural light wherever possible, works with reflections and also chooses some great positions to shoot from.

The most amazing and uniquely composed wedding photos I have ever seen. I can’t believe how well Martin captured the spirit of the day, and the way we feel for each other. Martins presence was so discrete, and that is how he captured the natural moments we love so much. Everybody loves the pictures.

Martin is a true artist. His ability to take beautiful, natural pictures that capture the moment is second to none. He was completely unobtrusive at our small, intimate wedding & we were beyond delighted with our pictures, I will treasure them forever.

Martin is a quiet, unassuming photographer. To capture his photos, you never know he was there. And this helped all of the guests to feel at ease and the photos were never “posed” which was exactly what I wanted. This gives them all a natural look

We’ve had so many compliments on the photos- they truly are beautiful and capture the day perfectly. I especially love the photos taken during the ceremony- they capture the emotion perfectly, particularly when I forgot my vows!

Martin did an absolutely brilliant job. His pictures will be our aide memoir forever, for a day that was over so quickly and which we will be able to treasure through the wonderful moments that Martin has captured! Martin excels both in quality of pictures and spotting just the right moment. The pictures he has taken have exceeded my expectations.

Martin has an extremely rare quality of capturing human expression at the precise moment that it’s most potent. Whether that’s humour or glamour or despair or sincerity, he finds it and presents it in a very natural way. On the day of our wedding he was extremely discrete and sensitive to the way that the day unfolded and had a good judge of character to understand what it was that was important to us. We are extremely happy with the end product and couldn’t have expected anything more!

Martin supplied a fantastic service throughout the entire process. His photos are exactly what we wanted, natural, entertaining and beautiful. Every person who has seen them has been amazed by them and a few tears have been shed.

Martin is a really skilled photographer who honed his skills in newspapers and then has since moved into weddings. He has a great design aesthetic, takes technically excellent photos and is supremely unobtrusive – I honestly didn’t notice he was there most of the day, poor man!

Martin made our day extra special by just doing his job in such a fantastic way you don’t even know he is there but he managed to take such amazing pictures covering everything we asked & giving us such wonderful photos of all aspects of the day that we may not even have known about!

Martin adapted himself perfectly to our expectations and brief in that when we reviewed his pictures they captured lots of the little, personal moments of us or that we missed during the day. As requested we generally didn’t notice him throughout the day, hence why he managed to produce the candid and open shots we’d hoped to get. It’s helped us re-live our day over and over, each time bringing a smile for all the ‘real’ images he captured

After searching for months for a photographer when we came across Martin’s photographs on our florist’s gallery, his photographs were ‘the one’! It was really important to us that our photographer had an established pedigree as a working photographer, not an enthusiastic hobbyist which most are.

Martin was great. Blended in seemlessly to the day. No interference. Caught the mood. Creative style, unusual angles as well as classic shots.

Martin captured some fantastic images of our wedding day which we will treasure forever. He blended into the background and we were hardly aware of his presence throughout the day. The relaxed nature of the photos was exactly what we were looking for. Martin was friendly and very professional.

Martin captured peoples’ personalities & the mood of the day perfectly, which was just what we were hoping for. His use of natural light meant his presence was unobtrusive while resulting in photos that remind me fondly of the day & tell some stories I missed 1st time around. Utterly delighted!

Martin was a true professional, merging into the background so that we hardly knew he was taking photos, yet capturing things we didn’t even know took place. A fast turnaround too – our photos were with us when we returned from honeymoon, his blog posts and “teaser” photos added to the experience.

Martin’s images have had a profound response amongst our family and friends across the world. They have started conversations amongst strangers and become a source of hope amongst others. All have responded to the joy, vitality and intimacy that Martin captured in telling the story of our celebration

We wanted informal photographs to capture the essence of the day and to faithfully reflect our wedding. Martin was perfect for us and delivered an outstanding product that our guests friends and family constantly admire. His work shows the joy and emotion of the day. Excellent and Perfect!

We loved how unobtrusive Martin was. We’ve been to so many weddings where photographers were so obvious and got in the way of guests. Martin was not like that at all and managed to get beautiful, candid and natural shots of everyone really enjoying the day. Exactly what we wanted! Just amazing!

We were delighted with Martin’s photographs of our wedding. He captured the mood of the day, of us, and all our guests, perfectly. He caught some very special (and fleeting!) moments, and we barely noticed him all day. Everyone we have shown the photos to has been amazed by them. He is a talent!

Martin is a truly talented photographer and made us feel very relaxed around him. Both my new husband and I so pleased with his pictures as he managed to capture all the best moments of our wedding although we were unaware of his presence which for us was very important. I would recommend him to all my family and friends and hope to use him for any other events in the future.

Highly Commended prize in the Best Wedding Photographer 2015 awards

Why They Booked (in random order)

For his documentary style photography

We liked the photo-journalist style of his work and we took to him when we spoke to him – he seemed the perfect fit for us.

We booked Martin solely from the images on his website. A risk some may say but one we would whole-heartedly repeat.

Finding a documentary wedding photographer who had just won wedding photographer of the year and also a great affordable price.

Exceptional work we viewed online.

Because we were really impressed with the images he’s produced that combined capturing the genuine emotions of the people on the day, along with them being well framed with the venue and surroundings. When we talked to him before booking he was open to our ideas but also clear in explaining the photographic implications, which is something we valued and benefited us during the planning of our day.

We felt Martin’s photographs really capture people in the moment, and record the story of a wedding, but without the cheesy “posed” shots and without distracting from the day itself (we’ve been to weddings where the group shots take more than an hour to finish!). He has a wonderful eye for light and space, resulting in some beautiful natural images, both of us as a couple and of us with our respective families. He was friendly and professional and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer .

After seeing his photos on his blog. Impressed by a unique look to his shots.

We were looking for a reportage photographer who would be able to document our day whilst also taking beautiful photos of the details. We were attracted to Martin’s background as a photojournalist and his portfolio was outstanding.

Quality of work displayed on Martins blog and website.

Quality of his photos – he is a great photographer first and foremost and has happily decided to focus his skill on weddings

See above. We are so pleased we did!!

For his journalistic and story telling ability and quality if his photos.

His pictures were hands down the best wedding pictures. My husband is also a photographer and Martin excels both on quality and capturing moments. All his pictures look glossy and are sharp.

We wanted a documentary photographer for our wedding.

We loved what we saw on his website.

Because quality pictures of our Wedding Day were really important to my Husband and I, and we were so impressed by the pictures on Martin Beddall’s website.

From looking through many websites, Martin’s photo’s certainly stood out from the crowd. Each photo is thought through and is mutually specific to the place and moment.

I knew I wanted reportage and when I found Martin, I called him and had an at length conversation and I knew he understood me and what I wanted from my photographs. He did not disappoint.

I wanted a photographer who would not overly intrude into what was an intentionally informal and relaxed wedding, while still desiring top class photographs of the day. Martin’s online portfolio showed an incredible range of photographic styles that looked fresh and modern. His portfolio stood out from others we looked at and gave me confidence he would do a great job of understanding my needs and would give us a great set of photographic memories of the wedding. My initial contact with Martin re-affirmed that belief and I decided to book him. I am so incredibly glad I did, as the photographs were every bit as wonderful as I hoped they would be (they really did capture the personalities of my nearest and dearest as well as the story of our wedding day). He is an incredibly talented photographer and I would unreservedly recommend him to anyone looking for a beautiful set of pictures to capture a special day.

His ability to use light to the best advantage, and ability to capture the emotion of the day in a relaxed setting.

On the strength of his photographs; great compositions and lighting. Martin captures the day beautifully whilst avoiding the cliches.

Images on website were exactly the style of wedding photography we were looking for. He responded to our enquiry promptly and explained his service in detail. After meeting Martin and viewing more of his portfolio which was equally impressive as his website it was clear he was the wedding photographer for us.

I loved his reportage style and the vivid colours he uses – his photographs are both beautiful and interesting images


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