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Claridges wedding

Claridges wedding photography

Claridge's hotel in Mayfair, London - my last wedding of the year, on the last day of the year. Clare and Oz had come down to London, from their home in Birmingham to the famous five-star hotel. My first ceremony at Claridge's - shot a few receptions there and in the days of The Times, a few feature portraits of famous guests, during interviews there - so I knew it's not the lightest of venues. (Is it the darkest foyer of any hotel in London?) But it has some style, atmosphere and history. You just go with what the light lets you capture.

Coverage kicks off, outside on the street, looking like a paparazzi stalking the hotel guests. Actually waiting for Oz, his son, Talisker* and brother/best man, Alton, to arrive. A quick rehearsal in the ceremony room, for Talisker - the ringbearer - and then I was up to the fourth floor, where Clare was getting ready, with family and friends, including her daughter, Isla.

Small hiccup as the bride was led into the ceremony. The forward party kept walking on, past the aisle! A correction, a wave from Oz and the ceremony could start - only for Oz to fluff a line!! But they finally got married!

Drinks in the French salon next door. A very important table, with bowls of crisps on it, the main focus for the younger guests. A few quick portraits outside in the cold, winter rain, amid the chaos of the front entrance - guests climbing into taxis and luxury 4x4's - baggage being wheeled in and out... Fair do to Claridge's, they let some pictures happen. Then back into the drawing-room for the wedding breakfast. Some guests would return in the evening. Speeches before a break.

Time for the tux...

Now, what do a bride and groom do for those thirty minutes, when they disappear from the reception and head upstairs to their room?

Rehearse their first dance, of course!

Then back down to the evening/new year's eve party, in an 'interestingly lit' room...more drinks, more speeches, more revelations... Then time for the first dance.

The party went on into the night, as 2017 are a few images from this Claridges wedding day...

The groom, his son and his brother arrive at Claridges for the wedding ceremony
Bride getting ready in Claridges hotel
Hug for the bride at Claridges
Brider puts on her wedding dress in a room at Claridges
Bride and flower girls
Bride's father with his granddaughter
Bridal party heading to the ceremony at Claridges wedding
Claridges wedding
Claridges wedding ceremony
Couple's son with the wedding rings
Claridges wedding ceremony
Signing the register at Claridges wedding
Guest steps up for a selfie
Claridges wedding reception starts
Bride greets groom's family
Kids at Claridges wedding
Crisps for the children at Claridges wedding
Claridges wedding reception
Picture with the groom
Natural moment between the bride and groom at Claridges wedding
Portrait outside Claridges on a winter's evening
Claridges wedding table setting
Claridges wedding speeches
Groom's speech at Claridges wedding
Wedding toast
wedding speech
Young photographer
Giving her uncle a 'look'
Couple rehearse their first dance in their Claridges bedroom
Winter wedding at Claridges
Guests hug
Flower girl
Best Man's speech
Cutting the cake at Claridges wedding
First dance at Claridges wedding
  • by a strange coincidence, one of the last things I did, before driving up to London to shoot this wedding, was to move a bottle of Talisker whisky into my (locked) office. My daughter had a New Years Eve party in the house, that evening. I returned to absolute carnage and a very shellshocked dog sat amidst it all...

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  1. These are amazing photos and tell the story of the day so well! Exactly what we wanted from the day! I hope your bottle of Talisker survived the party upon your return, as more than a few bottles got consumed at Claridge’s as the new year was counted in and the piper arrived!

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