Bloomsbury wedding – Laura & Gareth


Bloomsbury wedding

Reportage wedding photography for a relaxed London wedding

Bloomsbury in central London - the literary heart of the capital. The location for Laura and Gareth to get married, having flown back from their home in Dubai. (There had been talk of Vegas instead...?) The church - St George's on Bloomsbury Way, just around the corner from the British Museum. I've sat many a time, on the steps outside the front of this Hawksmoor masterpiece, but never been inside before. Sat in front of a colonnaded portico, based upon the Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek, Lebanon. A spire based upon the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, with a Roman attired king atop - George I. It even features in one of Hogarth's satirical pictures. An eclectic early eighteenth-century piece of architecture. But Hawksmoor's are great to shoot in - clean lines, space, and light...

Bloomsbury wedding

With Laura not wanting any 'getting ready' shots, the coverage starts in the pub opposite the British Museum and some drinks before the ceremony. Only a stone's throw from St George's. Here Gareth was joined by family and friends, many over from Ireland. Gareth arrived on foot. Laura arrived on foot - a no-fuss wedding! Ceremony - married - signed - walk back down the aisle(slight hiccup in direction)....and then out!

Hugs, smiles and some confetti at the bottom of the steps - then onto the old Routemaster bus. Not a long way to go, but Gay Pride was on, so London traffic struggled to cope with the diversions and the heat. The Euston Road was busy and slow, clogged up with vehicles. Very different from when it was built, just twenty-six years after St George's, as a new route to drive sheep and cattle to Smithfields Market. Slight hiccup with direction again, this time the bus, missing a turning - so the party started a fraction late, at The Refinery bar, in Regent's Place.

Drinks - conversation - laughter - music - live tennis on a big screen in the background. Then the food (pretty good too!). Some pictures in the dipping sunshine and a couple of speeches. Gareth's brother (and best man) and then Gareth - and some tears. Dancing to follow.

Here are a few images from the day...

Groom in a Bloomsbury pub before the ceremony
Writing the wedding card
Bloomsbury pub drink for the groom
Groom arrives at St George's church in Bloomsbury
Bride walks to the church in Bloomsbury
Bride enters the Bloomsbury church
Bloomsbury wedding
Bride signing the register
Bloomsbury church wedding
Leaving the church
Hugs for the bride and groom outside the Bloomsbury church
Confetti at Bloomsbury church
Getting onto the wedding bus in Bloomsbury
guests on the wedding bus
London traffic jam
wedding drinks
London wedding couple portrait
Bloomsbury wedding kiss
First dance at Bloomsbury wedding
Bride and groom dance at Bloomsbury wedding
Bloomsbury wedding band

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  1. Wonderful photos to cherish – thanks for sharing, they were a pleasure to view of your “Happy Event” !
    Best Wishes and Congratulations to you both xx

  2. Absolutely love these Martin – they are exactly what I wanted. You now know I wasn’t joking when I said I can’t pose (“someone tell the bride to smile”?!), so these are just perfect. Everyone looks just fantastic, can’t wait to see the rest of them. Thank you so much, from both of us

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