East Horsley wedding – Lizzie & Matt

East Horsley wedding

Reportage wedding photography for an East Horsley wedding

An East Horsley wedding for Lizzie and Matt (& Mr Chew!). A wedding near and at the family home for Lizzie. A Surrey wedding. The original plan was for a Berkshire wedding – at a new wedding venue. But that got changed – so the wedding planner, Jane, had to help them create this wedding, at the home instead. If you didn’t know, you would have thought this was the original plan. And what a creation! Probably also, the wedding with the most flora I’ve seen 😉

Coverage begins amid the controlled chaos of the floral decorations being assembled, in the garden and the large marquee. Here, Lizzie, got ready with her bridesmaids and family, before the very short drive to St Martin’s church. For me, just a short walk to St Martin’s.

(I shot one of my first weddings at this church, some years ago now. Back when I was a photographer at The Times – for another photographer at the newspaper. Nowadays, you see guests brandishing iphones and ipads, as the confetti run takes place outside a church. On that day, I had some of ‘Fleet Street’s’ finest photographers, brandishing their own cameras, shooting over my shoulder – not intimidating in the slightest……).

A shuttle run, in the camper van, delivered the bridesmaids, before Lizzie and her father, arrived in the Beetle (The vehicles had names – someone will update me…)

Ceremony went smoothly – married. Star Wars theme music to walk back down the aisle to! Then the confetti run and back to the garden. Fizz, craft beer, canapes, music and mini-golf!! (As a photographer – games during the reception, like mini-golf, or croquet or jenga or even a conker festival, give a lot more photo opportunities, than endless pictures of people eating canapes. It’s a good idea!)

Then into the marquee and the speeches, interspersed between the courses. Before the dancing…

Here are a few images from the day….the cakes, by the way, they are Lizzie’s – it’s what she does! DollyDewDrop

Work on the floral decorations

prep through the window

eye makeup in unison

bridal prep

kiss from the family dog

watching dog

bridesmaid makeup

bride getting ready

bride getting ready

Wedding dress on

wedding guests arrive

smiling groom

East Horsley wedding

bride arrives

bride steps out of car

veil on

bride laughing with bridesmaids

laughing bridesmaids

Bride walks into church with her father

Walking down the aisle

East Horsley wedding

brother reading



walk back to the star wars theme

kiss outside the church

hug from brother


waving from the wedding car

champagne flutes

dogs stuck indoors

mini golf at wedding

mini golf at wedding in heels

bride tries on a hat

the wig

bride on the mini golf

mini golf at wedding reception

kiss from dad

Dollydewdrops cakeart

Lizzie and Matt

bride and groom walk into the marquee

wedding speech toast

bride speech

groom kisses bride during speeches

first dance

dancing bride

Wedding Planning by Jane Riddell

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