Wet winter wedding – Christine & Paul

wet winter wedding

A wet winter wedding in Kent on the Saturday before Christmas. The weather was cold, wet and the rain unremitting – it was filthy weather. Luckily the rest of the wedding was warm. Christine and Paul had kept it simple and local. The church was just down their road, the reception venue not much more than a stone’s throw away. They surrounded themselves with the love and warmth of family and close friends and a determination to enjoy the day whatever the weather. In fact Christine has to be one of the most relaxed brides I’ve ever seen. All the more remarkable given what happened to the groom the day before the wedding. Something that would have thrown many brides into meltdown probably.

Out cycling the day before, Paul had swerved to avoid a car and his face met the ground with a bang. It wasn’t just a black eye, his eye had swollen up like a tennis ball. “How would the wedding photos look?” could have been the crisis. But Christine and Paul had found my work via the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) and it was this hands-off, reportage approach that they wanted. The black eye was part of the story of the day ( hopefully it has gone now ) and although we did try to do some portraits, the weather put a stop to spending much time on that.

So coverage began, dashing through the rain, at their house. Here Christine was getting ready with family and friends. Guests improvised with coats and plastic bags to dodge the rain as they arrived at All Saints church in Hartley. The ceremony started on time and was very emotional for Christine and Paul as one of their twin sons, Sammy, stood up at the front of the church to give one of the readings. This wasn’t just a wedding between two people, it was dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s’ for a family unit – C & P and their boys. Christine and Paul were joined together by law and then outside the church physically too. Paul’s jacket cuff buttons got entangled in Christine’s sleeve. The reception was a short drive away at the Country Club, with emotional speeches, laughter, a magician and some sharp moves on the dance floor.

Hopefully this coverage captures the warmth of the day. Here are a few images….

Wet-winter-wedding001Wet-winter-wedding002Wet-winter-wedding003Wet-winter-wedding004Wet-winter-wedding005Wet-winter-wedding006Wet-winter-wedding007Wet-winter-wedding008Wet-winter-wedding009Wet-winter-wedding010Wet-winter-wedding011Wet-winter-wedding012Wet-winter-wedding013Wet-winter-wedding014Wet-winter-wedding015Wet-winter-wedding016Wet-winter-wedding017Wet-winter-wedding018Wet-winter-wedding019Wet-winter-wedding020Wet-winter-wedding021Guest crouches under an umbrellaWet-winter-wedding023wedding guests use plastic bags to avoid the rainWet-winter-wedding025Wet-winter-wedding026Wet-winter-wedding027Wet-winter-wedding028Wet-winter-wedding029Wet-winter-wedding030Wet-winter-wedding031Wet-winter-wedding032Wet-winter-wedding033Wet-winter-wedding034Wet-winter-wedding035Wet-winter-wedding036Wet-winter-wedding037Wet-winter-wedding038Wet-winter-wedding039Wet-winter-wedding040Wet-winter-wedding041Wet-winter-wedding042Tears after their son gives a readingWet-winter-wedding044Wet-winter-wedding045Wet-winter-wedding046Wet-winter-wedding047Wet-winter-wedding048Wet-winter-wedding049Wet-winter-wedding050Wet-winter-wedding051Wet-winter-wedding052Wet-winter-wedding053Wet-winter-wedding054Wet-winter-wedding055Wet-winter-wedding056Wet-winter-wedding057Wet-winter-wedding058Wet-winter-wedding059Wet-winter-wedding060Wet-winter-wedding061Bride hugs her sons outside the churchWet-winter-wedding063Wet-winter-wedding064Wet-winter-wedding065Wet-winter-wedding066Wet-winter-wedding067Wet-winter-wedding068Wet-winter-wedding069Wet-winter-wedding070Wet-winter-wedding071Wet-winter-wedding072Wet-winter-wedding073Wet-winter-wedding074Wet-winter-wedding075Wet-winter-wedding076Wet-winter-wedding077Wet-winter-wedding078Wet-winter-wedding079Wet-winter-wedding080Wet-winter-wedding081Wet-winter-wedding082Wet-winter-wedding083Wet-winter-wedding084Wet-winter-wedding085Wet-winter-wedding086Wet-winter-wedding087Wet-winter-wedding088Wet-winter-wedding089Wet-winter-wedding090Wet-winter-wedding091Wet-winter-wedding092Wet-winter-wedding093Wet-winter-wedding094Wet-winter-wedding095Wet-winter-wedding096Wet-winter-wedding097Wet-winter-wedding098Wet-winter-wedding099Wet-winter-wedding100Wet-winter-wedding101Wet-winter-wedding102Wet-winter-wedding103Wet-winter-wedding104Wet-winter-wedding105Wet-winter-wedding106Wet-winter-wedding107Wet-winter-wedding108Wet-winter-wedding109Wet-winter-wedding110Wet-winter-wedding111Wet-winter-wedding112Wet-winter-wedding113Wet-winter-wedding114Wet-winter-wedding115Wet-winter-wedding116Wet-winter-wedding117Wet-winter-wedding118Wet-winter-wedding119Wet-winter-wedding120Wet-winter-wedding121Wet-winter-wedding122Wet-winter-wedding123Wet-winter-wedding124Wet-winter-wedding125Wet-winter-wedding126


Rain element added the beautify to the whole wedding photo-shoot. I really liked your photography, you did fantastic job for this wedding ceremony.

What a great job! You captured the spirit and essence
of the day. SO many positive comments from friends and family – one said he dare not show his wife these, for example. Just what we wanted, and hardly anyone noticed you were even there. Thanks so much, Christine and Paul

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