Wet wedding | Cassie & Luke

Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns

Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns

Wet wedding. It’s always the question before a wedding….what will the weather do on the day? For Cassie and Luke, it was unlucky, the rain came on the day and it stayed. Seven hours of continuous rain. A very wet wedding at Cissbury Barns. This is Sussex in May! Then again, they say it is actually lucky if it rains on your wedding day!? (A full-on thunderstorm for mine, many years ago – not sure what that means?) The last time I was at Cissbury Barns, it was crisp, autumnal sunshine. This time the sun didn’t appear all day. But it didn’t stop the enjoyment for Cassie, Luke and their family and friends. Guests who had come from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the USA and of course, Cumbria. Shame the weather didn’t play ball but there was plenty of good food and drink on hand for everyone to forget about the rain. At least it wasn’t cold.

So, covering a wet wedding? Clearly, it changes some images, some images you can’t get (no sunsets), no bursting colour from the sunshine. But actually, it creates interesting images in itself. But no sunshine, no great colour. So, for this blog post, I’ve changed it a bit. I’ve kept ALL the images as B&W here (Cassie and Luke will get colour versions later too).

But for this post only, my favourite medium – Black and White. If I had a choice, I would capture all weddings just in B&W – it’s what fits the reportage approach best, IMO. It cuts past bad weather and bad light, whatever time of year. I have shot weddings completely in B&W in the past (including for a current member of the Cabinet). The first wedding I shot with digital cameras, back in 2002, was all B&W. (Another aspect of covering wet weddings, that I’ve learnt. Have a spare, dry shirt in the car!)

Coverage kicks off with first Luke and then Cassie, meeting the registrars at Cissbury House, for their interrogations. Then up to the barns, as the guests made their way, in the rain, to be ready for the ceremony. Ceremony complete – married – back out to some confetti in the rain (not that heavy at this point though). Then it was drinks, either under the canopy in the courtyard, or huddled around the bar. Outdoor patio heaters on. Speeches before the meal, followed by a cake cut with the best man’s Army sword. Cake served as dessert. By now the rain was finally tailing off, but no sun broke through the cloud cover. However, the camper van photo booth and the pizza van arrived, as the evening guests joined the party.

The band set up in the barn and the dancing was kicked off by Cassie and Luke. A day not dampened by the weather. Here are a few images from this wet wedding at Cissbury Barns…

Landscape at Cissbury Barns Getting ready at Cissbury House The groom Bride arrives at Cissbury Cissbury bride Bride heads in for her interview with the registrarWet wedding at Cissbury Barns Ready to head to the ceremony barn at Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns Wedding car heads to Cissbury Barns Bride arrives for a Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns Start of the ceremony Cissbury Barns wedding ceremonyCissbury Barns kiss Cissbury Barns singing Cissbury Barns wedding Bride shelters from the rain at Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns Guests at Wet wedding at Cissbury BarnsWedding guests wait in the rain at Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns Confetti at Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns Drinks at Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns Soggy wedding at Cissbury Barns Wet wedding reception at Cissbury BarnsChampagne at Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns Rain shelter Rain hits large umbrella at wet Cissbury Barns wedding Staff laughing with guests Bride laughs with the guests Detail of the rain at Cissbury BarnsGuests shelter from the rain at Wet wedding at Cissbury Barns Couple portrait in the rain at Cissbury Barns Laughter at Cissbury Barns wedding Confetti explosion Father of the bride speech Groom's speech Best man's speechCutting the wedding cake Wedding guest actress Lesley Joseph Evening at wet Cissbury Barns wedding Photo booth in a camper van at Cissbury BarnsWet wedding at Cissbury Barns First dance at Cissbury Barns Cissbury Barns wedding party Bubbles at Cissbury Barns wedding party



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[…] at 4pm. It proved to be a fortuitous decision, as much of the day saw heavy rain. (I’ve shot in the rain at Cissbury before). The rain tailed off, just as the wedding guests arrived at Cissbury. It may not have been […]

[…] at 4pm. It proved to be a fortuitous decision, as much of the day saw heavy rain. (I’ve shot in the rain at Cissbury before). The rain tailed off, just as the wedding guests arrived at Cissbury. It may not have been […]

[…] But first, before the positives, what negatives? Above all, the price. They are not cheap. The price has only fallen by £200 in the last year. £4299, times two, for two bodies, is a lot of money – plus lenses – so switching systems can’t be done on a whim. Has to be worth it. Has to enhance how you take pictures and then allow you to gain something more for your clients. Being able to silently photograph wedding ceremonies, where a DSLR would be banned, is a good example. There have been a few niggles along the way, like the slow startup time, the overheating warning (fixed by firmware) and it feels quite clunky when using flash. Although I have used it for my corporate and editorial work and it performs nicely with my profoto lights. But overall (touch wood) it’s been a slick and dependable piece of kit – even in the rain. […]

Awesome set Martin. Love seeing a entire collection in black and white. So good. And bubble machine on the dance FTW!

Great set in b&w. Some of those dancing shots are absolute crackers!

Documentary at it’s best – really feels like being there!

Lovely stuff, as ever, Martin. Love the edge that having everything in BW has for the coverage of the day

Great work Martin, lovely moments and well documented.

Great documentary work. Loved how you embraced the rain the shots and made it a part of the day…as it obviously was

Some brilliant moments captured beautifully Martin!

Fab blog – nice to see it all in black and white too x

Cassie Mcquire-Leisk

these are lovely photos and capture our wet but incredible day beautifully… thank you!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of them!

Cassie and Luke x

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