Pembroke Lodge wedding – Selen & Ross

Pembroke Lodge wedding sign

Pembroke Lodge wedding photography

Pembroke Lodge suited in one of London’s Royal Parks, in Richmond Park, was the venue for the third wedding in last weekend’s trilogy. A grade II listed Georgian mansion, that was once the home to a British Prime Minister. It was also the childhood home of the philospher Bertrand Russell ( That Prime Minister’s grandson). The Lodge is first mentioned in 1754, when it was a one-roomed cottage occupied by a molecatcher. He was employed to eradicate molehills that were impeding the sport of deer hunting. Now it is part of the Crown Estate and run as a wedding /conference venue, on a long lease from the Royal Parks.  The tea rooms there can mean an audience for any wedding reception on the terrace.

This wedding though was an Anglo/South African and Turkish celebration for Selen and Ross. The day started with blue skies and was warm but as the day progressed the weather surprisingly changed. The cloud cover increased and a breeze came across the terrace that overlooks south west London. A sudden shower prompted a dash inside early into the Belvedere restaurant at Pembroke Lodge before the wedding breakfast was due. The rain then threatened the firework display after the meal but thankfully held off for everyone to gather on the terrace and watch the colours shooting up from Richmond golf course.

The day began with preparations for Selen, her parents and bridesmaids at the Bingham hotel – in a room with a view. Overlooking the river Thames and Richmond bridge. Plus another wedding custom – the Turkish practice of writing the names of single friends by the bride on the bottom of one of her shoes. At the end of the evening, the name that has worn off the most, is the name of the next bride! It was then a short drive to Pembroke Lodge.

Make up was by Justina Sullivan and videography by Ben at Kissing Gate Films.

Here are a few images from the day at Pembroke Lodge…

Father of the bride checking his speech
Wedding videographer getting close
Turkish custom of writing names on the bride's shoes
Bride's mother reaching for her dress
Bride getting into her wedding dress reflected in the mirror
Tightening the wedding dress
Chairs dressed for a wedding ceremony at The Belvedere at Pembroke Lodge
Tie dressing
Bridesmaids arrive at Pembroke Lodge
Groom waits at The Belvedere at Pembroke Lodge
Bride arrives in wedding car
Bridesmaids waiting
Start of wedding ceremony at Pembroke Lodge
Groom looks back to bride in the aisle
Wedding guest photographs the ceremony
Pembroke Lodge wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony at The Belvedere
Happy bride at Pembroke Lodge
Smiling bride
Confetti in the aisle at The Belvedere
Wedding reception at Pembroke Lodge
Bride laughs with guests
Posing bridesmaid
Wedding reception at Pembroke Lodge
Bride's mother
Couple portrait at Pembroke Lodge
Rain interrupts the wedding reception
Guests leave the terrace due to the rain shower
Bride and groom announced into dinner
Father of the bride speech
Wedding speeches at Pembroke Lodge
Evening fireworks at pembroke Lodge
First Dance at Pembroke Lodge
Pembroke Lodge wedding dance

A winter wedding at Pembroke Lodge

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