Northampton Guildhall wedding | Annie & George

Northampton Guildhall wedding

Northampton Guildhall wedding photography

Northampton Guildhall was the setting for Annie and George’s wedding at the weekend. But the coverage starts at the home of George’s parents, on the edge of a small Northamptonshire village. Here, Annie was getting ready with her bridesmaids and family. Everyone would be heading back this way after the ceremony. The wedding reception would be in a vast, hop decorated (but don’t touch them!), Tipi in a field next to the old farmhouse. But before this, Annie had a surprise for her mother. She had hired a VW camper van to take her mother and the bridesmaids to the Guildhall. You can see the response below – I think her mum (and niece) were chuffed with that!

As the last of the guests entered the Great Hall (a high Victorian Gothic fantasy), Annie and her father arrived in the Austin Princess – somehow beating the camper van. Annie and her father were led past rows of photographs of Mayors and their spouses, to be interviewed by the registrars before working their way through the corridors and the long walk up the aisle. A comic moment then from Annie’s father that broke the ice (well, the nerves), as he went to sit down before handing Annie’s hand to George. The ceremony complete, there were a few moments to themselves in another room, before the absolute bombardment of confetti on the Guildhall steps!

Back then to the field. The weather was staying overcast and for some guests, the offered cups of tea were more inviting than the glasses of fizz for a time.

( I have a theory. The Sun often waits until everyone has gone into the tipi/marquee/dining room before peeping out from behind the clouds. It happens so often at weddings! People head to the meal, the weather improves. It did on Saturday, but then it only stayed for a few seconds before giving up and hiding behind the cloud cover again ).

But the weather didn’t ruin the day, it may have encouraged the hugs. There were a lot of happy hugs – a tactile wedding. With the light outside gone – it goes so fast at this time of year at the end of summer, it was time for the speeches. Shooting in a tipi lit only by candles and fairy lights is a challenge!

It was then time for dancing. No first dance as such, but a ceilidh, starting with a Macedonian wedding dance (so I’m told). Only one way to shoot these, stick on an ultra wide lens and let everyone dance around you, as they get closer and closer and closer…

A great, fun wedding and I reckon I’ll see one or two faces again in a few weeks. I’m shooting the wedding of one of Annie’s bridesmaids, Susanna, who booked me at the same time. Looking forward to it.

Here are a few images from this Northampton Guildhall wedding…

wedding sign

Bridesmaids makeup

Seeing the VW camper van for the first time


Bride quietly applying her own eye makeup

Bride hugs her father

Picture of the bride in her wedding dress

Wedding car arrives at Northampton Guildhall

Bride and her mother enter Northampton Guildhall

The way to see the registrars

Northampton Guildhall wedding

Arranging the bride's veil at Northampton Guildhall wedding

Preparing for the ceremony to start at Northampton Guildhall

Northampton Guildhall wedding


Northampton Guildhall wedding

Northampton Guildhall wedding ceremony


After the wedding ceremony at Northampton Guildhall

Quiet moment after the wedding ceremony

Confetti on the steps of Northampton Guildhall

Bride and groom head off from Northampton Guildhall wedding

Tipi wedding in a field

Hugs from the bridesmaids

Getting the right camera angle

Wedding fizz

wedding guest

Northampton wedding reception

Wedding guests with champagne

Glasses on a tray

Adjusting the wedding tipi

Table detail

Young guest

Wedding guests in a field

Flower girl in tipi


Couple portrait in the field

Evening sky

Guest photographs the tipi


Father of the bride speech

wedding speeches


Wedding dancing in the tipi



[…] back to the day. This was a wedding with some familiar faces. Susanna was one of Annie’s bridesmaids just over a month ago. Now the roles had reversed and they shared some of the wedding guests too. […]

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