Hatch House wedding | Helen & Chris

Hatch House wedding

Reportage wedding photography at Hatch House

Helen & Chris’s wedding was held across two counties, two of the most beautiful counties in England – Dorset and Wiltshire. A summer wedding, although it felt more like Spring at times. A day of blue skies and hot sunshine, then in the next minute, dark clouds and even heavy rain showers. Somehow the timings worked. The sun shone when Helen arrived at the church (after heavy rainfall) and kept shining for much of the reception. the dark, rain-filled clouds were a backdrop. Even the wedding guests who had headed on a train, in the wrong direction, to Enfield, managed to get down to Wiltshire in time for the reception! 😉

The coverage begins at The Grosvenor Arms hotel in Shaftesbury, Dorset. That is, after the usual tailback on the A303 near Stonehenge and a thousand circuits of the car park, waiting for a space to come available. Helen was getting ready here with her sister, bridesmaids and flower girls. A short drive in the rain, to the village of Fontmell Magna, just south of Shaftesbury and St Andrew’s church. Something rare here. A CofE vicar who was both relaxed and had a sense of humour!!

The sun was shining when Helen & Chris walked back down the aisle and out of the church – and around the corner. As the ushers gathered everyone on either side of the church path, for the confetti, Helen and Chris had a kiss (or two). They hadn’t in the church. A quiet moment to realize they had done it! Confetti barrage and into the cab to the reception venue, Hatch House.

Hatch House

A short drive north of Shaftesbury and just over the county border. A 17th-century manor house on a hillside. It’s walled Dutch garden housed the large marquee. Mostly warm sunshine for a relaxed reception before the buffet meal, speeches and ice cream on the terrace. Even a statue got a selfie! Back inside for the dancing – after some technical hiccups – and a very bouncy first dance! A happy, smiley couple!

Here are a few images from this day at Hatch House…

Adjusting the wedding hat Fontmell Magna church wedding Wedding guest greetings outside Fontmell Magna church Flower girl greets her father Bride arrives by black taxi cab Final hug between the bride and her bridesmaids Dorset wedding photography Flower girl Wedding ceremony beginsBride's sister helps fix her veil in the wind Bride walks into the church with her sister Fontmell Magna church wedding ceremony Laughter during the wedding ceremony Singing hymns Fontmell Magna wedding Bride and groom kiss around the side of the church Fontmell Magna wedding confetti Confetti around the wedding car Bride and groom arrive at Hatch House Hatch House wedding reception Hatch House signGuests at Hatch House Drinks reception at Hatch House Wedding at Hatch House Group selfie at Hatch House wedding Wedding on the lawn at Hatch HouseHatch House wedding reception Bride at Hatch House Hatch House weddingBride and groom announced into dinner at Hatch House wedding Wedding speeches at Hatch House Ice cream after dinner at Hatch House wedding Selfie with a garden statue at Hatch House Hatch House wedding Catching the bride's bouquet at Hatch House weddingFirst dance bounce at Hatch House wedding


Behind the scenes

Photographing weddings is more than a few clicks of a camera shutter on the day. Often there is a lot more than just the traffic getting there or the issue of parking on a Saturday… As I mentioned before, I have never missed a wedding. I’ve battled obstacles like heavy snowfall and traffic many times, but just as with a couple in 2014, who had to cancel their wedding, the day before, as the bride was ill, life can throw a curveball from time to time. Last Sunday, I was helping demolish a garage. Imagine a metal rod the size of a broadsword. Blunt but attached to a group of heavy-duty springs that operated the garage door. Imagine when released the speed and force that rod could travel because of those springs…..straight into my left arm. The underside of my upper arm. Like in a film, I put my hand into my torn shirt and pulled it out, completely scarlet. Should have worn an old shirt… I’ve put some of my Facebook friends off their breakfast with images – suffice it to say, a big hole, to the bone but luckily, although exposed, no nerves snapped. Stitched up, a course of antibiotics prescribed. Two commercial jobs postponed and a week resting, ahead of the wedding. A wedding day popping painkillers too. Boy, it was screaming by the evening. I’m avoiding DIY for the rest of the wedding season… 😉


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What a beautiful set of images. Love the colour and composition. Awesome work!

Nice Images. The color rendering is so great.

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