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Drawing on the bride's hotel door

Gate St wedding photography

Gate St Barn, a relatively local wedding venue for me and the location of Lara and Alex’s wedding, on a chilly Monday in March. Luckily the snow of the previous week was long gone, although Spring was still resisting the urge to kick in. But at least the ‘beast from the east’ hadn’t prevented Lara’s family from getting to the wedding, from their home in Scotland. Or the wedding flowers making the journey from Lincolnshire.

The first wedding I photographed at Gate Street Barn, a reception, was way back in August 2002. Still a relatively new venue then I think – the barn and the front garden. Each time I’ve been back, over the years, it has changed and grown a bit more. Becoming one of Surrey’s premier wedding venues. No more than this time. Big new extensions to the main barn, built just weeks ago, giving more light and a covered route between the main barn and the bar in The Pheasantry. The last time I was here, was at a wedding in November 2015.

Coverage kicks off at the Harbour hotel in Guildford (a hotel that’s not near a harbour?). A crowded room of bridal prep, hair and makeup chaos, with the soundtrack of the construction site next door. Amidst it all, a very calm Lara.

The dress – made using old French and Scottish lace – by a friend, the dress designer, Minna Hepburn. (She used to buy brownies from Lara’s stall)

Then down the road to Bramley and to Gate St. Alex was arranging his tie and getting more nervous. The ceremony started – an overwhelmed by-it-all young ringbearer and some mix-up of names during the ceremony – but the end result, Lara and Alex were now married. All those visits by Alex, to Lara’s market stall, with the excuse of buying cupcakes, had paid off.

Drinks next, in The Pheasantry, with the fiddle played by Finn. (They found him busking near their market stall). A few quick pictures outside in the cold – a bouquet toss (not caught) and then into the barn for speeches and the meal. A classic step-on-the-bride’s-dress-as-she-walks-in moment first though. Speeches, laughter and emotions, multiple toasts and then the food from Jacaranda – led by the ultra professional, JJ.  Then back into the Pheasantry, as the barn was turned around for the evening. An impromptu bit of ceilidh dancing, in the gloom, next to the bar. A rehearsal for the freestyle ceilidh dancing to come in the barn, before the first dance. Cut the cake – guess who made it? Then it was over to resident DJ,  Chris Haslam to get the first dance and the party started…

Here are a few images from this day at Gate St…

Bride makeup

Bridal makeup

Glimpse of an eye

Flower girl hair

The chaos of getting ready time

Bridesmaid in the mirror

A drink for the bride

Wedding dress on

Bride puts on her shoes

Final adjustments to the wedding dress

Wedding snacks at the reception

Groom adjusting his tie in the Pheasantry at Gate Street Barn

Running flowergirl


Bride arrives

Wedding guests gather for the ceremony in the barn at Gate St

Groom instructing the ushers

Groom chats with guests before the ceremony

Groom laughing with his mother

Nrevous groom and a nervous young ringbearer

Overwhelmed ringbearer

Bride walks down the aisle with her father

Eye contact between the groom and the bride

Gate St wedding ceremony

laughter during the wedding ceremony

Smiling bride

the wedding rings

Ring on her finger

Bride and groom kiss

Excited flowergirl

Confetti back down the aisle

Gazte St wedding reception

Gate St wedding guests

wedding cake

Gate St office dog

Sheltering from the raindrops

Bride and groom portrait at Gate St

Bride and groom hug at Gate St

Gate St kiss

Delicious canapes from Jacaranda catering

Tossing the bouquet

Trying to catch (and failing) the wedding bouquet

Wedding reception at Gate Street Barn

Usher steps on the bride's wedding dress

Wedding speeches

Best man's speech

Wedding toasts

Dancing by the bar

Bride and groom dance by the bar in the Pheasantry

Cutting their own wedding cake

Irish Dancing at Gate St Barn

Dancing at Gate St Barn

Freestyle celidih at Gate St Barn

Gate St dancing

Gate St first dance




[…] that was 2018. A year of weddings that started in March at a local venue, Gate Street Barn. The wedding of Lara & Alex. Congratulations to them, as little Finbar […]

Leaping bridesmaid here! I just wanted to say a huge congratulations on capturing Lara and Alex’s special day with such an exceptional set of photographs. The pictures are beautiful and capture the journey of an amazing day. I look forward to sitting down over the weekend and ordering some gorgeous keepsakes.

Great pictures and colours Martin

Bride here! Thank you, Martin – you captured something ephemeral – the story of my family that day (the tearful ringbearer), Alex’s family – my new family – (the mischievous flower girls, my sister in law caught mid-leap), the story of the dress (the dress designer was in tears, as were we, looking at your beautiful images). Thank you so much for giving us memories of the day that we can always keep.

Awesome set Martin with some lovely moments captured. I love the black and white portrait of the happy couple laughing! Cracking shot mate!

Fantastic Martin. Love the bride with the dog.

Great frames mate. Love the dancing shots.

Great set. I love the dancing portion in particular. Very cool

Top set of images Martin. A great start to the year. Love the tearful ring bearer!

Nice work – loving the evening reception images!

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