Wadhurst Castle wedding – Felicity & Kenton


Wadhurst Castle wedding

Wadhurst Castle wedding photography

On the hottest day of the year, a Wadhurst Castle wedding in East Sussex for Felicity and Kenton – it was a scorcher! Perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Wadhurst Castle isn’t a medieval ruin, but a crenellated house from the Regency period with Victorian enlargements, just behind the quaint Sussex town which lies on a high ridge of the Weald. Built 550ft above sea level, overlooking the undulating Sussex countryside, and on the site of an older building, it is a private home that holds a limited number of weddings a year, a top Sussex wedding venue.

It has character. The sort of character that’s old, a bit faded in parts, but that lends a wedding an atmosphere, an authentic stage for a wedding that big hotel chain venues cannot replicate. Antique furniture, faded paintings, suits of armour and plenty of “Do not touch” signs. It’s a wedding in a real grand old home.

But back to Saturday and F&K’s Wadhurst Castle wedding. It was very warm, but so were the feelings between this couple ( they were keen to get the ceremony done quicker than the registrar anticipated it seems ) but also the warmth of their family and friends surrounding them. A Sussex farmer* and a French teacher – there was a Sussex /Gallic feel to the day, be it the menu (Sussex cheeses) or the accents amongst some of the wedding guests.

Wadhurst Castle Outdoor wedding ceremony

The civil ceremony itself took place in the restored walled garden adjacent to the house. Somehow the layout did manage to confuse the two flower girls leading Felicity – a hasty diversion by Georgina was required – it only added to the smiles. So under a sweltering sun, F&K got married, with a few laughs.

Then it was a relaxing drinks reception on the terrace, with Mr Phil as entertainment for the children and increasingly the adults, testing their plate-spinning skills. The wedding breakfast followed, with a menu that had a gravy to die for! Followed by a Sussex cheeseboard. A lovely, warm, intimate, relaxing wedding. (and Kenton, cheers for the jar of your homemade chutney – went down very well in this house!)

Here are a few images from this Wadhurst Castle wedding…

Suit of armour at Wadhurst Castle

Bride getting ready with a friend at Wadhurst Castle

Bride helps with her friend's hair

Wadhurst Castle bride getting ready

Wedding guests

Guests take their seats fro the wedding ceremony

Bride descends the stairs

Bride heads to wedding ceremony at Wadhurst Castle

Wadhurst Castle wedding

Flower girls head the wrong way

Wadhurst Castle open air wedding ceremony

Told off by the registrar

Wadhurst Castle wedding ceremony

Wedding vows at Wadhurst Castle

Wadhurst Castle open air wedding ceremony

Wadhurst castle bubbles

Wedding guest seeking the right camera angle

Wadhurst castle wedding reception

Childrens entertainer at Wadhurst Castle

Wadhurst castle wedding

Wadhurst castle wedding reception


Wadhurst castle wedding reception

Wedding guests at Wadhurst Castle

Wadhurst castle wedding reception

Bride and groom at Wadhurst Castle

Summer wedding at Wadhurst Castle

Games at Wadhurst Castle wedding reception

Gong to announce dinner

Wedding detail

Wedding dinner

Wadhurst castle wedding

Wedding speech, not for young ears

Wedding speech at Wadhurst Castle

Wadhurst Castle reception

Bride with guests

Photo booth dressing up

Photo booth at Wadhurst Castle

Wadhurst Castle wedding first dance

Bride and groom kiss

Wedding dancing


* with the cleanest farm I’ve ever seen 🙂



What a fab venue and wedding – look’s like great fun for all and I love all the personal touches 🙂 – Beautiful photos too!

Congratulations – What fantastic photos of a truley lovely wedding wishing you both every happiness for the future. Love and best wishes Carolyn & Stephen xx

Rob and Claire Bookham

Fabulous photos of a truly fabulous occasion – well done guys!

Rob,Claire and Frannie xxx

Natasja van Damme

Wow! Fantastic!
A beautiful day and caught on film so well……

Serafina, Ferenc & Natasja

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