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Compton church wedding in Surrey

Compton Church wedding photography

The second wedding last weekend with a Greek connection and also a strong Aussie flavour. Sophie and Oliver’s Surrey wedding in Compton just outside Guildford. Unfortunately, the weather was neither like what you’d expect in May Greece or Australia. It was very cold and a bit wet at times. The sun appeared for a few minutes, which we grabbed for a quick portrait (was that our summer?).

Coverage starts in the nearby city of Guildford. Sophie was getting ready with her mother and her friends at the Guildford Harbour Hotel. Not that the building is near a harbour, it’s the name of the hotel chain. Then onto Compton church, via the Harrow pub, just down the road from the church. Here Oliver was having a pint with friends and briefing the ushers in the car park. The wedding ceremony as at Compton church, Compton St Nicholas, just near the A3 south-west of Guildford. A small and unique church, it is hidden from the road, as along winding path leads up the hill to its entrance.  It’s old but was largely rebuilt in the mid-nineteenth century. With a pre-Norman tower, it dates from the end of the Norman period and consists of a lower sanctuary with a rib vaulted ceiling, above which is the upper sanctuary. Separating the upper sanctuary from the rest of the church is a wooden rail carved from a single block of wood dating from about 1180. That makes it the oldest wooden decorative timberwork in the country. Compton church is mentioned by Arthur Conan Doyle as the final resting place of fictional characters from two of his novels. It’s small and cosy.

The reception was down the road, but it didn’t get warmer. People headed for the heated marquee and pretty much stayed there. It was a day to give English summers a bad name.

Here are a few images from a Compton church wedding on a cold day in May…


Bride's mother and makeup at Guildford Harbour hotel Bride and her mother laughing at getting reday Getting ready at Guildford Harbour hotel Groom has a pint at the Harrow pub in Compton Groom briefs the ushers in the pub car parkGroom walks to Compton church from the Harrow pub Wedding guests arriving at Compton church Bride arrives at compton church Bride at the entrance to Compton church in Surrey Bride waiting to enter Compton churchBride escorted into Compton church Compton church wedding Compton church wedding ceremony Signing the register at Compton church Compton church wedding Compton church wedding confetti Confetti at Compton church wedding Wedding guests leave Compton church Surrey wedding reception Wedding reception Surrey wedding bride and groom portrait Wedding reception in a marquee wedding speech first dancewedding fireworks



What lovely photos! Really very nice.
Thank you for a wonderful day, these captured many fun and memorable moments perfectly.
Chris and Abene xxx

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