Waterside Inn wedding – Bethan & Adam

A Waterside Inn wedding on a summers day for Bethan and Adam, regular customers at the award-winning restaurant in Bray, Berkshire. A three Michelin star restaurant, and the only restaurant outside of France to have retained this status for twenty-five years, it was established by Michel and Albert Roux. In fact the last time I was there (I’m sadly not a regular customer) was to photograph Michel Roux for a magazine feature, a few years back. You can possibly tell how long ago when I say it was shot on a Hasselblad with film! It is now run by Michel’s son, Alain.

If you read this blog you will have met Bethan and Adam already, at their pre-wedding shoot in Ham last month. The man with a Blackberry who hooked up with the girl from Apple! Actually the mobile phone entrepreneur, chairman and CEO of his mobile phone company, (boat collector ( in came up in the vows ) and luxury car lover), who married Apple Europe’s Head of iphone and ipad PR. I believe Adam now has an iphone.

Ask any wedding photographer and they can confirm that just about every wedding they shoot will have a multitude of guests snapping away and filming with their iphone and even ipads. It’s rare to see any bride and groom walk back down the aisle without arms jutting out holding these devices ahead of them. So it was to be expected to see Bethan clutching her ipad as she had her hair done and to see the ipad used for the wedding speeches later. And yes, Bethan did ask me early on whether I used Macs or not?! Never used anything else.

( In fact, hours after this wedding I was stuck in traffic on the A303, heading down to North Cornwall for a few days of family holiday. Unlike some photographers, I like to do my image selection from a wedding coverage asap, while the narrative of the day is still fresh in my mind – so my 13″ Macbook pro (rather different to my first Mac, a powerbook 540c) came on holiday with me. So this wedding was processed in Cornwall )

The coverage began with Bethan getting ready with her family and friends in the Lavender Cottage, next door to Bray’s other famous restaurant, Heston Blumenthal’s, The Fat Duck. This included five bridesmaids, not in matching outfits but matching green shoes. The ceremony took place in the private dining rooms at the Waterside Inn – where HM Queen eats – with rather more people than usual – so it was a bit of a squeeze. Then confetti outside ( not really allowed ) and the bride and groom went off on one of Adam’s boats for a brief trip – a ‘Just Married’ addition to the ensign ( is that the right term? ). Two of Adam’s boats then shuttled people up and down the river throughout the reception (shoes off!) for a spot of celebrity house spotting on the banks of the Thames. It was then time to dine.

Here are a few images from the day at the Waterside Inn…

Paperback cover wallpaper


Bride gets ready at Lavender cottage in Bray

Bride gets ready at Lavender Cottage in Bray

Friends of the bride look on as she has her hair done

Final makeup for the bride

Bride gets ready fro the ceremony

Detail at the Waterside Inn

Bridesmaids arrive for the Waterside Inn wedding

Wedding guests arriving at the Waterside Inn

The groom waits for the bride at the Waterside Inn ceremony

Bride arrives with her father

Bride smiles at the groom at The Waterside Inn wedding ceremony

Saying their vows at the Waterside Inn wedding

Confetti at the Waterside inn

Just married sign on a boat's flag

Bride gets into the groom's boat after the weedding ceremony

Bride and groom portrait at the Waterside Inn wedding

Bride and groom portrait at the Waterside Inn wedding

Bride and groom portrait at the Waterside Inn wedding

Bride and groom walk hand in hand at the Waterside Inn


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