Yorkshire village wedding – Alice & Gareth

A Yorkshire village wedding for Alice and Gareth. Or as the Order of Service was titled, ‘North Meets South’. Gareth the Yorkshireman. Sheffield…works in steel…plays rugby…easygoing…cheerful…friendly. Alice, a medic from Kent…easygoing…cheerful…friendly…(pulls lots of faces, she says) and according to the sign on the stairs of their cottage..bonkers! (?)

A couple who planned their wedding to the smallest detail with an individual stamp. They did it their way. To create a summer party in a field at the back of a village pub. A celebration that was full of smiles, despite the weather trying to throw the day off course by forgetting it was summer….

Coverage began under constant rain at their cottage on the outskirts of Sheffield. Alice got ready there with her parents and sister. Slowly the rain eased. A few miles away, in the village of Harthill, just the other side of the M1 motorway, the wedding guests were enjoying tea and cake in the Old School Room, next to the churchyard of All Hallows’ Church. Maybe it was coffee in the hip flask? Spotting the ushers, complete with sheriff badges, wasn’t a problem with those jackets!

A relaxed ceremony with humour from a rare thing – a photography friendly C0fE vicar!! A keen photographer himself, Rev Gary managed to bag the first portrait of the newly married couple on his mobile phone after the register signing. Alice and Gareth shot off after the ceremony for a drive in the hills, as the umbrellas went up and the guests made their way across the road, to the pub. Well, actually not the pub itself, The Beehive (worth checking out if you are in the area, it has a full size snooker table in the back!) but to the field behind. I think this is only the second wedding reception to be held here. The field is usually the location for beer festivals. Gareth had even made a big Mr&Mrs sign out of steel to adorn the entrance.

The plan now was for guests to gather to form a confetti run into the marquee. Rain, wind and hail almost put paid to this but it brightened up in time for A&G’s arrival. The sun stayed out into the evening even if the temperature slowly dropped. Despite this the ice cream van that appeared early evening (the ice cream vendor used to sell ice creams to Gareth when he was a young boy) did good business. With picnic hampers on the tables for the wedding meal, some almost synchronized champagne cork popping, each wedding guest had a task before opening the baskets. Each had to draw a self portrait on a small piece of paper – Alice has plans for these later!

Speeches….have a look at the sequence below as Gareth is speaking. There is a moment when he mentions Alice’s celebrity crush, Jonny Wilkinson. Cue the playing of a message from the rugby hero for Alice on her wedding day. That’s a groom earning lots of brownie points!

This was a cracking wedding, not done to some hotel’s bland timetable but something unique. A shame that the weather didn’t quite play along but it didn’t seem to faze anyone.

Here are a few images from the day….

Yorkshire wedding001

Yorkshire wedding002

Yorkshire wedding003

Yorkshire wedding004

Yorkshire wedding005

Yorkshire wedding006

Yorkshire wedding007

Yorkshire wedding008

Yorkshire wedding009

Yorkshire wedding010

Yorkshire wedding011

Yorkshire wedding012

Yorkshire wedding013

Yorkshire wedding014

Yorkshire wedding015

Yorkshire wedding016

Yorkshire wedding017

Yorkshire wedding018

Yorkshire wedding019

Yorkshire wedding020

Yorkshire wedding021

Yorkshire wedding022

Yorkshire wedding023

Yorkshire wedding024

Yorkshire wedding025

Yorkshire wedding026

Yorkshire wedding027

Yorkshire wedding028

Yorkshire wedding029

Yorkshire wedding030

Yorkshire wedding031

Yorkshire wedding032

Yorkshire wedding033

Yorkshire wedding034

Yorkshire wedding035

Yorkshire wedding036

Yorkshire wedding037

Yorkshire wedding038

Yorkshire wedding039

Yorkshire wedding040

Yorkshire wedding041

Yorkshire wedding042

Yorkshire wedding043

Yorkshire wedding044

Yorkshire wedding045

Yorkshire wedding046

Yorkshire wedding047

Yorkshire wedding048

Yorkshire wedding049

Yorkshire wedding050

Yorkshire wedding052

Yorkshire wedding053

Yorkshire wedding054

Yorkshire wedding055

Yorkshire wedding056

Yorkshire wedding057

Yorkshire wedding058

Yorkshire wedding059

Yorkshire wedding060

Yorkshire wedding061

Yorkshire wedding062

Yorkshire wedding063

Yorkshire wedding064

Yorkshire wedding065

Yorkshire wedding066

Yorkshire wedding067

Yorkshire wedding068

Yorkshire wedding069

Yorkshire wedding070

Yorkshire wedding071

Yorkshire wedding072

Yorkshire wedding073

Yorkshire wedding074

Yorkshire wedding075

Yorkshire wedding076

Yorkshire wedding077

Yorkshire wedding078

Yorkshire wedding079

Yorkshire wedding080

Yorkshire wedding081

Yorkshire wedding082

Yorkshire wedding083

Yorkshire wedding084

Yorkshire wedding085

Yorkshire wedding086

Yorkshire wedding087

Yorkshire wedding088

Yorkshire wedding089

Yorkshire wedding090

Yorkshire wedding091

Yorkshire wedding092

Yorkshire wedding093

Yorkshire wedding094

Yorkshire wedding095

Yorkshire wedding096

Yorkshire wedding097

Yorkshire wedding100

Yorkshire wedding101

Yorkshire wedding102

Yorkshire wedding103

Yorkshire wedding104

Yorkshire wedding105

Yorkshire wedding106

Yorkshire wedding107

Yorkshire wedding108

Yorkshire wedding109

Yorkshire wedding110

Yorkshire wedding111

Yorkshire wedding112

Yorkshire wedding113

Yorkshire wedding114

Yorkshire wedding115

Yorkshire wedding116

Yorkshire wedding117

Yorkshire wedding118

Yorkshire wedding119

Yorkshire wedding120

Yorkshire wedding121

Yorkshire wedding122

Yorkshire wedding123

Yorkshire wedding124

Yorkshire wedding125

Yorkshire wedding126

Yorkshire wedding127

Yorkshire wedding128

Yorkshire wedding129

Yorkshire wedding130

Yorkshire wedding131

Yorkshire wedding132

Yorkshire wedding133

Yorkshire wedding134

Yorkshire wedding135

Yorkshire wedding136

Yorkshire wedding137

Yorkshire wedding138

Yorkshire wedding139

Yorkshire wedding140

Yorkshire wedding141

Yorkshire wedding142


I’m often asked how I book weddings? Google is one way but the best and most common way is recommendation. This wedding links to another wedding on the same date twelve months ago. A wedding in Kent, that Alice’s parents attended.

Funnily enough, the next wedding to appear on this blog, another wedding in Kent, shares a link to last year’s wedding too!

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