End of my wedding photography year.

A last post for the year. An interesting year for many reasons. For one, this new website ( and new domain name ) is now twelve months old but is still frankly a work in progress – some tweaks to come in the New Year. ( Any constructive suggestions welcome! ) And I should blog more I know……so what else for the past year?

Outside of wedding photography it has been a year of portraits. Mostly for American business magazines and Corporate design agencies – on the whole of very wealthy businessmen, lawyers and hedge fund managers ( amazing how hard it can be to get a billionaire to smile ). Notably there was the portrait shoot with the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, commissioned by The Independent on Sunday which led to a front page and a double page spread inside. Apart from photographing the Deputy PM, others this year have included  a dandy, an Etonian tailor, Mickey Mouse, numerous professors, a composer, a top comedian ( Peep show ) and the former head of MI5!  I’ve shot from atop scaffolding covering a Gothic Victorian sewage station, dodged the sand blasting of rooftop statues ( will remember my can of kenair next time! ) and in a top secret lab. I was even asked to be the ‘expert’ on a panel of judges for a Sussex Photography competition. All great fun, but what about weddings?

It’s been a year of new venues – I had never shot at any of the venues this year before ( well actually did shoot at St Paul’s before, years ago, but not in the actual OBE chapel ). From Nottingham to London, Surrey to Oxfordshire, Hove to Hampshire. From the grandeur of St Paul’s cathedral to an intimate restaurant, from a Victorian gin palace to a grand hotel.  From weddings with just twenty guests to those with over 250. I worked at venues with some of the best staff I’ve met, to one with some of the worst. From working alongside one of the best toastmasters,  to quite simply the worst – never had a toastmaster stop photographs being taken before. Then there was my recent call to BT – about my failing broadband connnection. Put through to India and after handing over my details, as the line was checked, the operator on the line asked if I was a photographer? What had I done now? How did he know that? Turned out his cousin in the UK had shown him my website and he had remembered my name and liked my work – small world as they say.

This year I have been lucky to have worked with some great couples and some very funny ones too. Couples for whom the photography on their wedding day was important. Each one has been a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to those next year too.

Hopefully my work has evolved too during the last twelve months, as I seek to develop my craft, even after twenty years as a professional photographer. I switched camera systems in the summer, back to Nikon.  A camera system that for me is a better fit for my available light, documentary style. Also helps that when you do need flash, Nikon is far ahead of Canon in that respect. But it’s not all about the gear –  it’s about the composition of the imagery, the light, the timing, the anticipation required, the experience of the photographer – all of which I am hopefully refining. ( Blog post to come about my photographic style and how I shoot weddings )

So to 2012, what’s coming up? Well again, a year of new venues – apart from St Paul’s again and to one of my favourite venues, Kirtlington Park.  As I write, the weddings I already have booked will be taking me to Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Cheshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and France! ( often more than once or twice ) But there are still plenty of slots left and points on the map to tick off!

I suppose the tradition/cliche for a post at this time of year is to end with a few of my favourite wedding photographs from the last twelve months. So here are a few of my personal favourites from 2011. I think they sum up my style of wedding photography quite well too. Hope you like them. Thank you for looking at my blog – wishing you all a Happy New Year and if you’re looking for a wedding photographer, please do give me a call! 🙂


Bride has her makeup applied at Nutfield PrioryHappy flowergirls at Burford Bridge hotel in SurreyReportage wedding photography at Ockenden Manor hotelFather looks on as bride gets ready at Claremont hotel in HoveBride gives the thumbs up to her mother as she gets readyBride waits at Ockeneden Manor before a Korean wedding ceremonyreportage wedding photography at St Paul's CathedralStunning bride at Nutfield Priory wedding ceremonyHappy bride and groom exit St Paul's CathedralCouple's young son gets covered in confettiBrdie and groom stroll through the grounds at Elvetham hotel in HampshireBride shares a joke on the Hove seafront with her husbandChampagne is poured for wedding guests on a Routemaster busWedding guest loses ball throwing contest with the childrenBride and groom in the sunlight outside Temple church in LondonBride walks up hill near Burford Bridge hotelBride shares a joke with her friends in the evening sunlightYoung wedding guest watches the musicians during the reception at Nutfield PrioryYoung wedding guests playing during the recptionBridal party looks towards the page boy during speeches at Burford Bridge hotelGroom listens to the best man's speechBride and groom kiss surrounded by wedding guests with sparklersBride and groom embrace at their wedding reception in a pub in LondonBride and groom laugh during their first dance at Middle Temple HallSmiley faces on a steamed up window made by the bride


( TECHNICAL TRIVIA – for anyone interested…  these images, nine shoot on the 24mm f1.4, six on the 50mm f1.4, four on the 35mm f1.4, four on the 85mm f1.4 and two on the 200mm f2.0 – no zooms! All Nikon bar one. But can you guess which one?  )

Angel Dust Photography

Amazing wedding photography! Very inspiring photos!

A wonderful collection of documentary wedding photography – you had a great year I hope this one is even better!

Image 15 beautifully captures what it’s all about!

And don’t the primes pay off! Wonderful moments, great timing. Keep going back to image 8, feel like you’ve been let into her private thoughts.

Awesome work. Your client, and you, must be proud of that. Specially I love the black and whites.

Some beautiful images, I love the one with the bride walking with her dress gathered up and UGGs on show, brilliant!

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