Wrest Park wedding – Priya & Alex


A Wrest Park wedding last Saturday . A French-style chateau, built in the 1840s deep in the Bedfordshire countryside, for the aristocratic de Grey family and now managed by English Heritage. It was a tale of two ceremonies for Priya and Alex’s wedding. First a civil ceremony in the mansion’s Library, then jump into the golf buggy, as the guests had tea and cake and some pictures in the grounds ( in what turned out to the last of the tentative sunshine, more on that later ). Then a quick change and time for Alex to be led by drums, at the head of a column of guests, to The Orangery and a Hindu ceremony.

A wedding with some familiar faces too. I shot Alex’s sister’s wedding last November – Sarah & Owen – which coincidentally included the Duke of Cambridge pub in Islington, just where I had been shooting a wedding only two days before. Alex and Priya got in touch having seen the results from that cold and wet winter’s  day.

But back to Saturday. Now it seems that meteorological symbols have changed recently. A yellow disc with yellow lines emanating from it, doesn’t mean warm sunshine in June – it means cloudy skies, cold biting wind and dull light. All the preceding week the forecast was for summer sunshine and warmth. Even on the day, the clouds were due to part in the evening, according to the Met Office, and bathe Wrest Park in golden light. They didn’t. It just got colder. Alex says it was my fault for sending him an email earlier in the week, saying it’s going to be hot!

It was a real shame not to get that evening light and take advantage of the magnificent gardens at this venue. But still, Priya looked absolutely stunning, and Alex scrubbed up okay too 😉

Here are some images from the day….

Garden statues at Wrest park seen from the mansion

Statue at wrest park

Painted ceiling at Wrest Park

English Heritage notice ahead of the wedding at Wrest Park

Statue of Ganesha at a Wrest Park Hindu wedding ceremony

Elegant lighting at wrest Park

Groom hugs his father in law before the wedding ceremony

Groom and bride's father on the terrace at wrest park

Indian bride has her makeup done

Bridal preparations at wrest park wedding

Indian bride gets ready at Wrest Park

Henna patterns on the bride's hands

Beautiful Bride has her veil fixed

Bride smiling as her veil is pinned in place

Portrait of a bride at Wrest Park

Priya the stunning bride

Bride walks down the main staircase at Wrest Park

Bride and her father meet ahead of the wedding ceremony at Wrest Park

Groom waits in the library at Wrest Park

Flowergirl and bridesmaid at Wrest Park wedding

Bride and her father enter the library

Bride and her father walk down the aisle

Wrest Park wedding ceremony in the library

Bride smiles at the groom during the wedding ceremony

Bride and groom are married at Wrest Park

Bride and groom walk back down the aisle at Wrest Park wedding

Bride and groom walk back down the aisle at Wrest Park

Victoria spongecake with strawberries

Bride and groom portrait

Wrest park couple portrait

Bride and groom portraits at Wrest Park

Bride and groom in the grounds of Wrest Park

Bride and groom in front of the pavilion at wrest park

Groom leads the guests to the orangery at wrest park

Drummers leads the guests to the Orangery

Led by drummers the groom dances his way to the orangery at wrest park

Vibrant dancing by the groom and wedding guests

Procession leads to the orangery wedding ceremony

Wrest park orangery ready for the hindu wedding ceremony

Indian statue detail

Wedding guests watch the entrance of the groom to the wedding ceremony

Bride's mother greets the groom

Groom escorted by the bride's mother to the ceremony

Glamourous wedding guest taking photos

Bride enters the Orangery for the wedding ceremony

Bride's mother and father laying down offerings

Young wedding guest

Bride places garland of flowers around the groom's neck

Hindu wedding ceremony in the Orangery at Wrest Park

Indian bride in prayer

Bride and groom have their feet washed

Brdie and groom share a look as they hold the rose with her mother and father

Bride and groom walk down the aisle in the wrest park orangery

Confetti oustide the orangery

Smiling boy giving a piggy back at a wedding reception

The two best men rehearse their speech

Beautiful bride walks up the orangery steps at wrest park

Brdie and groom talking with friends at wrest park wedding recption

Table plan layout at Wrest Park orangery

Table detail at wrest park wedding

Detail of two elephants atop a wedding cake

Brdie smiles as her father gives his speech

Bride laughs at her father's spech

Bride's father laughing

Bride and groom dancing in the wrest park orangery

Evening wedding reception at the Wrest Park Orangery


Well done Martin. A wonderful record of Alex and Priya’s special day. You have captured it beautifully, and brought your magic and humour to the day. Thanks so much for the memories! Sue

Absolutely stunning photographs! Beautiful work. 🙂

wow! Great coverage Martin, really enjoyed looking through them, Such a fun packed day takes endurance to stay sharp, great job!

wow! fantastic photos! love the b&w!

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