Wedding in The Times – Rhian & James

wedding in the times

I picked up a copy of The Times newspaper on the way to Saturday’s wedding in Brighton – principally to check out how they had featured Rhian and James’s wedding from exactly a month before. Maybe not the shot I would have chosen and the repro on my copy is a bit iffy, but even so, a nice cutting for Rhian and James to one day show their grandchildren! We had already got images from this wedding, including a front page image, in Rhian’s local paper up in Scotland. Doesn’t hurt to get your wedding featured in a National newspaper and one of the most famous newspaper titles in the world at that. A wedding in The Times. The Thunderer 🙂

It’s the first one I’ve submitted to the paper and hopefully more will follow. No guarantees as it’s down to the wedding that takes their fancy. But it’s a neat connection, as it was in the pages of The Times that I first began to shoot weddings.

The one day that the newspaper offices were empty was on a Saturday. But aside from sport there were usually feature stories, portraits and events that needed shooting on that day. I worked most Saturdays. Occasionally one of the shoots would be to get to a wedding and photograph the couple as they came out of the church – for the Court & Social page (?). It was as simple as that but the shot that invariably was used was a reportage shot and it often transpired that this was different to the official photographer’s way of working. I remember one in Surrey where as the couple came out it was raining. The couple set off down the path with an umbrella and I shot them as I walked backwards in front of them. The official photographer was sheltering from the rain, wanting to stop them for a posed up shoot in the porch instead. Seems all rather simple, it was just how you shot as a photojournalist at the paper. Whether photographing a politician pressing palms in a crowd during an election or outside the High Court. It’s only wedding photography that uses phrases like ‘reportage’ or ‘documentary’. It’s why I think photographers with a real photojournalism background make some of the best wedding photographers. Anyhow, back to this couple with an umbrella. It was this sort of natural shot that they wanted and they ordered copies.

These shots in the newspaper pages led to readers asking for me to shoot their weddings. I have to admit I resisted for some time. It also led to journalists and their friends asking the same and soon I found myself shooting weddings on a Saturday instead of what was on the Times picture desk diary.

Wedding photographed by Martin Beddall featured in The Times

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