Tash & Tiara – and a Swedish Porn Star!

Being busy hospital doctors, Seb and Bhavika ( Vicky ) were going to find it hard to find the time for a ‘traditional’ engagement shoot. As they had planned a ‘Tash & Tiara’ dinner the night before their wedding day, for many of their friends and family, they asked if I could shoot some pictures of the night instead. Not only was this a chance to party – before the main party – the evening at The Running Horses pub near Box Hill in Surrey also had the aim to raise money for a cancer charity in the memory of Seb’s father who had died from the disease. Raising money with fun. It doesn’t take long in Seb & Vicky’s company to realise that they share a funny self-deprecating sense of humour. I suggested instead of reportage, which could look similar to the wedding coverage, that I shot quick portraits of the guests as they arrived in their tash’s and tiara’s. So in a tiny, tiny corner of the restaurant, some paper taped on the wall to hide a painting that refused to detach itself from the plasterwork ( not quite a perfect seamless background, but it’ll do ), a picture frame from Ebay and armed with my Profoto Ringflash ( they was no room for lightstands ), here are a few of the resulting images. They begin and end with Seb ( the Swedish porn star, according to Vicky!! ) and Vicky…..Dr Adamson & Dr Dave!


Such great memories to a wonderful evening. Following an excellent idea by Martin to reflect the jovial evening with fun portraits, we have beautiful photos to treasure forever.

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