St Paul’s cathedral wedding – Rhian & James

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral wedding photography

St Paul's cathedral, namely the OBE Chapel in the crypt, was the venue for Rhian and James's wedding. A winter's wedding, on a bright day but with a bitterly cold wind. Rhian would need to call on her Scottish roots later, as she braved the biting cold wind on the Millenium Bridge while posing for photographs.  Not easy when she had a cough and a cold. Although the groom had a pocketful of Fisherman's Friends handy - true romance!

Coverage began at Threadneedles hotel in The City ( a converted bank ) where Rhian, her bridesmaids and her niece, were getting ready. Actually, Facebook had already kept me updated with events as I had travelled up to London, with images of the English breakfast they had had that morning. 😉  James, the groom, even made an appearance but not past the head bridesmaid, Donna, on door security. It was then a short hop over to the cathedral. James and his posse, led by Alex and the map, eventually found the entrance. 😉 Access to the crypt and the OBE chapel is through the cafe. But then nowhere else can arriving weddings guests file past the tombs of the Duke of Wellington and Horatio Nelson.

( The chapter of St Paul's has tightened up their rules on photography. In response, they say, to the behaviour of wedding photographers in the past, who have since been banned. They didn't say what the 'behaviour' was. So officially it is pictures of the arrival and into the chapel up until the first hymn and then nothing until the 'posed up' shots of the register signing. Back in 2011, I was allowed to shoot all of the ceremony from the back of the chapel - that junior Canon no longer works at the cathedral. St Paul's is now in the minority with such rules these days. But having said that, the vergers, stewards and the reverend Sarah ( chaplain at St Paul's) were the friendliest I've encountered at St Paul's. Many are not! )

Once out of the cathedral and some pictures on the steps, the guests jumped on the bus ahead of schedule - it was too cold to hang around. Rhian & James still had the walk down to the Millenium Bridge through hordes of congratulating tourists. A wedding at St Paul's is not a private affair. No time to wait for the bridge to clear or any sunshine or any elaborate shots - too cold. Time to head to the reception in the basement of The Folly Bar, near London Bridge. We were ahead of schedule - more time for beer! Somehow we ended up over an hour behind schedule by the time of the first (brief) dance - people were enjoying themselves too much. But before the dancing, there had been speeches. A nice break from tradition with both the chief bridesmaid and bride speaking. For Rhian the chance to announce that she hadn't been 'at the pies' but that, all being well, come the summer, two becomes three. ( I wonder if somewhere there is a video of the brief speech made by her youngest nephew when he was given the microphone! Something about Willy? 😉 )

A lovely wedding, mixing the traditional and non-traditional, but most all it was relaxed.

Here are a few images from the day....a St Paul's Cathedral wedding...

Quick sandwich at getting ready
Sorting out the flower girl's sash
Bride with a camera
Chance to relax
Trying on the wedding veil
Practice holding the bride's veil
Bride arrives at St Paul's Cathedral
Bride getting out of the wedding car at St Paul's
Bride entering St Paul's Cathedral
Bridal party in St Paul's Cathedral
About to enter the OBE chapel
St Paul's Cathedral wedding ceremony
Stepping on the dress
St Paul's Cathedral wedding photography
Flower girl in charge of the veil
St Paul's Cathedral wedding
Couple portrait at St Paul's Cathedral
Bride and groom on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral after a winter wedding
Couple picture on the Millenium Bridge near St Paul's Cathedral
Cold winter day
Bride and groom arrive for their wedding reception at the Folly Bar
Ipad entertainment
Drinks at the Folly
Wedding reception at The Folly bar in London
Bride in charge
Wedding speeches at The Folly bar in London
Bride's speech
Cutting the wedding cake

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  1. Wow Martin. You can tell you had a thoroughly good day shooting this wedding. Every single image is stunning. Every one.

  2. I saw a ‘teaser’ for these images on the English wedding yesterday and am delighted to have seen the full set published as they really are superb. Love the shot of the bride in the car with the feint reflection of the driver – a great black and white, full of contrast – and there’s some brilliant shots during the speeches too. Not surprised you’re chuffed with the first of 2014! Look forward to seeing more of your work throughout 2014.

  3. I took a long time to find the right photographer and did a lot of research. But once I found Martin Beddall I knew my search was over. I was never in any doubt that my photos would be anything but spectacular. Martin has not failed. Stunning is not a great enough word to describe my wedding day photos. It’s topped off a wonderful day and it will stay with me forever thanks to these photos. Thank you so much. Rhian x

  4. Simply the best wedding pics I have ever seen. The real atmosphere of the day has been captured. Such original and unusual stills. I am literally gobsmacked by these. Well done Martin you are a maestro.

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